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“Figure with six zeros”: Yana Rudkovskaya told how many earns in a year

Famous musical producer Yana Rudkovskaya recently became the guest of the program “the Secret to a million.” Presenter Lera Kudryavtseva beginning of the show: “In life Yana Rudkovskaya had it all: love, wedding, divorce, division of property and child abduction. Today her family is like the magazine cover, but what mysteries lurk behind the glossy picture we’ll see”. Yana Rudkovskaya said in the program that are ready to answer all questions honestly.

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For anybody not a secret that Ian leads a luxurious lifestyle and not only shows admirers and envious Instagram in expensive dresses and jewelry, but also shares his spacious house on the ruble. Leroy decided to check who provides it with such a lifestyle and some income from music producer. “Your yearly income is millions of dollars or rubles?” asked Lera. “Of course dollars, — answered John. — Well, it’s not millions-millions… But let’s just say, a figure with six zeros. Of course, the show that I do, bring not only huge profits, but the costs”.

Yana said that with the start of her career helped her parents, who exchanged apartment for little more than to give her the money to open the first beauty salon in Moscow: “I had a tight entry, and a year later I returned to the parents”.

Yana Rudkovskaya also shared details of his personal life. Ian told how her husband, figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, won her heart for a few minutes, “Jack struck me immediately charisma, hardly marry a very handsome man. It is an acquired taste — not everyone likes blondes, big noses, not everyone likes blue eyes. Jack was not to my taste. But I could not have imagined that in 5 minutes can I have yourself to fall in love”.

Yana assured the leadership that they have with Eugene is no marriage contract and their relationship based on love and trust. Also Jan told me that her four year old son, Sasha, Plushenko also makes a significant contribution to the family budget.

“He has advertising contracts. He’s already earned about 10 million rubles. He has an Italian Agency, which represents its interests in Italy, and there are agents who are engaged in its interests in America and in France, — said Yana. — I believe that my children should not be idlers. My children have to constantly do things”.

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