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Famous Spanish Matador received an unusual injury. Video

Знаменитый испанский матадор получил необычную травму. Видео The incident occurred during a bullfight in the town of arévalo.

A famous Matador Jose Padilla, was seriously injured during a bullfight in the Spanish town of Arevalo. The time of the attack bull caught on camera mobile phones.

In his speech, the bull picked up 45-year-old Matador, he fell to the ground, and then received several blows. Padilla however was able to rise and escape. However, the attack has not gone unnoticed – the Matador got scalped wound of the skull. The effects of the attack have been severe. Doctors operated on the injured.

After rendering of medical aid Jose said is in very good condition.

Jose Padilla is one of the most famous Spanish matadors. For 45 years he has received numerous professional awards and more than 30 injuries. In 2011 during a bullfight in Zaragoza, he lost his eyes, for which he received the nickname Pirate. In the duel Padilla was injured cheekbone and jaw, and his right ear ceased to hear.

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