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Facts about “Harry Potter” that will surprise even fans. Photo

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. ФотоBooks and movies that have become cult for adolescents.

If you are one of those who is still waiting for the letter from Hogwarts, then this post is for you.

And while it didn’t come, we offer you to escape and discover the secrets of the magical world.

1. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley never officially graduated from Hogwarts

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

After Voldemort was killed and his followers surrendered, neither Ron nor Harry did not want to return to Hogwarts and finish studying. Only Hermione (unexpectedly) wanted to pass all the exams and participate in graduation. However, all this did not prevent them to get a job in the Ministry of magic. Harry and Ron became marcobertoni (wrestlers with dark magic), and Hermione got a position in the Department of magical law enforcement. If we take into account the “Cursed child” (this is a play and book-scenario), it also became Minister of magic.

2. How old was Dumbledore and Voldemort at the time of death?

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

Dumbledore was really old, at the time of his death he was 115 years old, a little bit has not held up to 116. Voldemort, as if neither wanted to become immortal, he died just at age 71.

3. Harry, Ron and Hermione appeared on the cards from chocolate frogs

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

According to Rowling, the hour for Ron Weasley was when he saw himself on the cards from chocolate frogs (Harry, Ron and Hermione receive this honor once contributed to the fall of Voldemort).

4. JK Rowling made a sketch of the last Chapter in the first year of work on Harry Potter

The scene where Hagrid makes a half-dead Harry out of the Forbidden forest, and the scene of the final battle for Hogwarts and that Harry had to meet death, surrounded by ghosts — all is Rowling knew from the very beginning. Hagrid led Harry to a world of magic, and he holds his hands in a time when everyone thought he was dead. Thanks to the vision of Joan Woodward left alive.

5. The actress who played Moaning Myrtle, at the time of filming “goblet of fire” was at the age of 40 years

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

Moaning Myrtle — girl-Ghost — at the time of death was approximately 14 years. I wonder what play she was trusted adult actress Shirley Henderson, who has coped with its task fine, despite the fact that she was 40 years old at the time of shooting of “goblet of fire”.

6. Hagrid had your Patronus

Due to the fact that this spell was very difficult for him, the giant could not defend himself from Dementors. Well, after Azkaban he never met.

7. On the set of kiss of Hermione and Harry Rupert of Grinta kicked from the site

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

It is not known that so much amused Rupert of Grinta (Ron Weasley) that he so loudly laughed when Daniel and Emma kiss portrayed Harry and Hermione, but he was even removed from the site to finish the stage safely.

8. Hogwarts is a school

When calculated the approximate cost of studying in the school of magic, Rowling has categorically denied that Hogwarts is taking money for training. According to her, the Ministry of magic will pay all school expenses. That would be in our world.

9. For the movie Hogwarts was built 40 person 7 months

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

Decorators did a great job, building the layout of the building in such a short time. And the work has not ended for all shots, so that camera angles have varied from film to film. But their works have not been lost and after I removed all the movies. This layout can be seen in the existing theme Park.

10. To 11 years children of wizards are home schooled

Because of the “Statute of secrecy” wizards to 11 years old should be educated at home, as it is believed that before this age they cannot control their magical power and ordinary people can expose them

11. Points — the most favorite props to Daniel Radcliffe

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

Business card of Harry Potter — round glasses. No wonder they sunk into Daniel’s heart. In just a year, he “demolished” 160 couples.

12. Favorite mythical character, Rowling Phoenix

Amazing creature, the Phoenix is a favorite author of Harry Potter is not just. He lives to 1000 years, and then burned, from the ashes heals your tears and you’ll be incredible devotion. Ideal.

13. The most important dream of Dumbledore — the reunification of his family

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

His family together the Professor saw in the mirror of Erised (the mirror that shows the deepest desire of man). His father, mother and sister are alive, and the brother was again heat to deal with him. That’s what Dumbledore saw instead of wool socks that said Harry Potter.

14. Dean Thomas always thought he was a Muggle, as he was raised by his mother and adoptive father — a simple man

A classmate of Harry, Ron and Hermione, Dean Thomas, you would think he is from a family of Muggles. Indeed, his mother and stepfather were ordinary people, but the real father of Thomas magician. He never revealed to his wife, who he is, because he was afraid for her life. Killed by death eaters because of his refusal to join them.

15. Ordinary people on the spot see the ruins of Hogwarts

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

Muggles (not magicians) would see the scattered ruins of a threat and a sign “do Not enter, danger zone”. Hmm, worth a closer look to the ruins of castles.

16. JK Rowling came up with their spells thanks to the knowledge of Latin

University education was not in vain and helped her to prepare his spells. For example, “Expelliarmus” (the spell of disarming the enemy) comes from the Latin words expellere (to knock) and arma (weapons).

17. The character Hermione is a self-portrait

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

Rowling has admitted that Hermione she was kind of off with myself at the age of 11 years. Of course, Hermione was much wiser than the author herself (in recognition of most Joan), but the thirst for knowledge, diligence and impatience of the strange antics they have exactly in common.

18. Station kings Cross is not chosen randomly

It is here that he met the parents Rowling. Very symbolic and touching that Joan chose this station, came up with the platform 9¾ as the beginning of a journey into the world of magic and sorcery.

19. The fact that Molly Weasley kills Bellatrix Lestrange, carries serious meaning

Факты о «Гарри Поттере», которые удивят даже фанатов. Фото

Bellatrix is a very powerful negative character, the closest ally of Voldemort. From her hands they fell outstanding wizards, and she personified the wild, twisted love for his master. But it kills Molly Weasley, mother — housewife, from where nobody is waiting for an outstanding magic. Why then, is it? Because Mrs. Weasley represents maternal love and protection — are the values that must prevail in the end.

20. A question feared by JK Rowling?

“What made the wand Dumbledore?” And the question no one asked. What’s so terrible? The wand was made of elder (in folklore it is equated with death), and the attentive fans would have noticed for sure here match stick from the “Deathly Hallows”.

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