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Facebook deleted the profiles of a number of far-right politicians

Facebook удалил профили ряда ультраправых политиковFor various violations, including anti-Semitism and misogyny, Facebook has blocked a number of well-known activists. Among them – the leader of the organization “Nation of Islam” Louis Farrakhan.

Social network Facebook on Thursday, may 2, blocked a number of pages of right-wing activists from the US and the UK. Among them – the famous American radio broadcaster Alex Jones, a supporter of the “conspiracy theory” steering the website Infowars, Milo Giannopoulos, British polemicist, who AFP describes as a “provocateur”, and Louis Farrakhan, leader of the radical organization “Nation of Islam”.

The giannopoulos accused of racism and misogyny, and the Farrakhan – anti-Semitism and propaganda of the advantages of the black race. Alex Jones in 2018 have already been blocked by Facebook due to “glorification of violence” and “dehumanizing” Muslims, migrants and transgender persons. But then the lock was temporary and not complete. Now the pages of all of the defendants removed both in Facebook and in Instagram. Facebook, according to the statements of the group, not the first time blocking people or organizations that support “violence and hatred”.

On Facebook and other social networks after the US presidential election of 2016 and a referendum on “Broksita” a lot of pressure in order to strengthen on their pages combat the spread of false and manipulative information. Large platform already resorted to some measures, but critics did not consider them sufficient.

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