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Ex-contestant on “the Bachelor” is blaming Ilya Glinnikov misconduct

Last Saturday, TNT showed the second edition of the show “the Bachelor.” The main character of the project, the actor Ilya Glinnikov and his bride arrived in Sri Lanka. At first glance it seems that the girls are in awe Glinnikov and will do anything to get the rose from the hands of “the bachelor.” But it was not one of the retired participant, despite the prohibition of disclosure of information, decided to speak out about the terrible conditions at the project and misconduct Ilya Glinnikov. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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26-year-old Tatiana Chelysheva, producer at the American film company NoRisk NoFun Production, decided to reveal details of the show in social networks: “I thought long and hard before you make this move, but at some point I realized that I can’t not do it. In the first place, because the next 3 months, every Saturday the audience will judge and evaluate my friends — wonderful, real, rare, with its unique history, but, most importantly — a very deserving girls. And as a film producer, I perfectly understand that such a magical art installation in which white is black and black is white, and I know that in the project “the Bachelor” justify character can only be at the expense of the participants… that’s why I just have to start telling the truth, which only we know. Because I don’t want unworthy were given for the worthy.”

In an interview Tatiana said: “I will Not dissemble, first Ilya, I liked it. But when he invited me to a tete-a-tete, I have not felt from his male energy, any emotion and all interest to everything going on… Then I chalked it up to stress, because not only do girls get nervous. In such conditions it is difficult for everyone. But, as it turned out, none of the girls was not he really needs on the project he pursued absolutely other aims”.

“According to rumors, Ilya continues to have strong feelings for your ex-girlfriend. At least, my television colleagues saw before the start of filming of “the Bachelor-5″ at one event he did not depart from her and ran off with a presentation behind her. It is obvious that Glinnikov came to the project, if not a relationship then at least strong feelings,” continued contestant on “the Bachelor.”

Also recently about life behind the scenes on the project told another contestant Veronica Pavlova: “We shot the pilot two days, everyone was on edge… Someone sacrificed a lot to become part of the project. It was an incredible experiment, and I’ll tell you honestly: none of the girls did not know who would be the bachelor. It was really a mystery. I got out of the limo and saw the “man of dreams”. Flashed a thought, but is it my place? The man was shorter than me. I’m a lady and looking for a high Prince himself to become!” /

We will remind, Tatyana Chelysheva — ex-girlfriend of “the bachelor,” the fourth season of Alexei Vorobyov. She works together with the artist as Executive producer in his American film company. Now Tatiana and Alexei in friendly relations.

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