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Emaciated comedian Olga Bartunkova held her son in the army


Star of KVN and the sketch show “Once in Russia” Olga Bartunkova unrecognizable. 38-year-old actress lost weight and changed her hairstyle. In total, she lost 60 pounds!


The actress now looks younger than his age. Some fans Olga had no idea that she has two adult children, son Alexander and daughter Victoria. In his Instagram Bartunkova told fans that recently held the 18-year-old heir to the army.


“My life, officially became a soldier of the Russian Federation)!!! Well, see, home, I gave you the child voluntarily and with a proudly raised head, will be back in one piece, please!) Son, be worthy of, do not let me down! for you and your friends in the service!) Come on, boys!” — wrote the actress (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.). Olga also posted a video with the oath of the son.

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Publication from Olga Bartunkova (@kartynkova222) Feb 13 2017 12:27 PST

Comedic actress does not advertise his personal life. It is known that with her husband Bartunkova met while studying at the Institute.


During the game in KVN curvy shape became the hallmark of Olga. However, at one point, the artist decided to lose weight and start to lose weight. Almost two years Bartunkova sitting on a strict diet and exercise.


In the future, the artist plans to do surgery to remove stretch marks. Olga also noted that he was more likely to get compliments from men.


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