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Elena Volatile and Ksenia Sukhinova caught in a fairy forest

Елена Летучая и Ксения Сухинова попали в сказочный лес Elena Letuchaya

October 25 at the State gallery on Solyanka, the opening of the exhibition “Nina Ricci. In dreams and in reality”, which is dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the fashion House Nina Ricci.

The Exhibition “Nina Ricci. In dreams and reality” is a journey through the history of the fashion House, enshrined in five halls of the gallery where everyone can experience the entire history of the brand. The exhibition presents photographs from the personal archive of Nina Ricci and her son Robert Ricci, as well as works created together with well-known artists of the XX century. One of the halls designed by the Brazilian artist Ana Strumpf, who shared with us their impressions of the exhibition.

Елена Летучая и Ксения Сухинова попали в сказочный лес Ana Strongdesire

I’m honored to work with the brand Nina Ricci. It’s a classic. At the same time, in the course of such cooperation we are changing the face of the brand, in particular the two perfumes Nina and Luna. Introduced something fresh, young, more modern and aimed at the Millennials. Each of these fragrances has its own particular personality and striking features. Nina is a rich, sweet aroma, Luna is more airy and soft. And, of course, to each of them I picked up the most suitable paint, trying to use every opportunity to convey the nature of the aromas through the image.

In the second part of the exhibition presented my earlier work that I created for glossy magazines. I created a magazine cover addressed to several generations, they may be of interest to an adult audience and youth. Because, I think, the beauty and the humor is not tied to a specific age, they for all.
Art can be expressed in different forms, including makeup, created fragrances, clothes, music, theater. Of course, not everything is a piece of art but I think art can be everywhere, there is no strict differentiation. For me personally, art, fashion and beauty are inseparable.

I am inspired by everything around. I am in Russia now, and am inspired by Russian culture. By the way, my grandmother was Russian. I know that I will return home with new ideas, inspired by a stay here. In General, the inspiration finds me everywhere: on the street, in the Museum, during the trip. Often it dawns on me what a creative idea when I communicate and play with their children. For me, they are a special source of inspiration. Children have wonderful imagination, they are very creative and we have much to learn from them.

Елена Летучая и Ксения Сухинова попали в сказочный лес

When I work on a commercial basis with different brands, you need to follow strict deadlines, and to wait when inspiration’s gonna hit. Here personally for me the only way is to work hard. It is necessary to work, work and work again. My family has always been strong and hardworking women. And I used to be the same.

In my understanding, the woman should do what she loves and what brings her pleasure and inspiration. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I didn’t do what he likes. The woman still needs to combine work, family and self-development. Yes, it requires a lot of effort. I have been involved in many projects and I have a very tight schedule, but thanks to him I can have time to do everything planned.

His work I always want to say – do not take everything too seriously. Need to enjoy life, to be open to surprises and to improvise. That’s how I live.

The exhibition runs until 10 December 2017, in the State gallery on Solyanka.

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