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Ekaterina Varnava has launched the Network a flashmob in support of thick eyebrows

Recently, the appearance of Catherine Barnabas haunted her fans. Star Comedy Woman changed her hair, was wearing colored contacts and lost a lot of weight. Every new photo of Catherine in Instagram is becoming a cause for heated debates among its subscribers.

Recently, fans started a debate about the thick eyebrows of the actress after she posted another selfie. “What’s with the eyebrows?”, “Lord, why do your eyebrows?!”, “Beautiful! But eyebrows too much”, “Kate, your eyebrows turn you into a creepy Caucasian woman, why do you need this,” began to comment on the netizens (Spelling here and further more. — Approx. ed.).

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Catherine not only responded to the criticism, but also launched a flash mob in support of natural eyebrows.

“From the comments to the previous post I conclude that, FIRST, #Brezhnev nervously smoked a lot of cigarettes in a corner (poor guy). Secondly, what we have in the country live a separate secret society of women with thinly-drawn tattoo eyebrows, and they are strong, aggressive and will defend their edge to the latter. In short, My Army, declare mobilization under the slogan #Browsername! If you are not a stranger to natural eyebrows, and most importantly, YOU LIKE them AND YOU WITH THEM DOPE, take your selfie with eyebrows and upload to instagram with the hashtag #Browsername!!! We will prove that our edge is also BEAUTIFUL,” asked Barnabas to the subscribers.

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Many have supported the actress: “The natural eyebrow has a huge plus — they are out of fashion! But fashionable ten years ago, a thin tattoo-house edge is very nicely cast their blue in the spring sunshine”.

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