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Ekaterina Andreeva shared a candid story about plastic

Ekaterina Andreeva always looks great. Fans of the presenter does not get tired to admire her good looks and confident that she knows the secret of eternal youth. To the delight of bloggers star lives a fairly active life in Instagram.

Recently, Ekaterina has frankly told about the plastic. Andreev admits only one kind of cosmetic procedures: the presenter supports the natural beauty with the help of acupuncture! It is known that this method is very effective to maintain youthful skin.

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Publication of Ekaterina Andreeva (@ekaterinaandreeva_official) May 26 2017 at 9:42 PDT

Catherine has published a video and could not comment on his appearance: “I look like a porcupine. Know what pleases me? Then it will be better. You know, this could be done only by a man. My male doctor… the Process of extraction of the needles is not less entertaining, it’s like the joke about the goat. Get a goat, live with it, and then give it back. So relieved, happy right. Happiness is”.

Publication of Ekaterina Andreeva (@ekaterinaandreeva_official) APR 29 2017 1:42 PDT

In the signature star and shared a candid story about him: “This is our doctor Igor Nikolayevich response to all the bullshit about the plastic, Botox and other things. My 300 needles, like the 300 Spartans, guarding my face from talking about lying. The doctor and Igor, as king Leonidas: said — did. Protected my skin and muscles. In our case, all survived, tea, not in Sparta 491 BC, and in Russia and Chinese secrets know. Mosaic face — to secrecy not to disclose. The author’s technique, patented and repeat it, no one can, but try to Snitch’d” (Spelling and punctuation authors — approx. ed.).

Publication of Ekaterina Andreeva (@ekaterinaandreeva_official) APR 27 2017 at 5:03 PDT

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