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Dmitry Komarov surprised fans with his confession

Дмитрий Комаров удивил поклонников своим признаниемIn Kiev was held the first meeting with one of the most daring presenters in the country — Dmitry Komarov

Yesterday, March 4, in Kiev’s Freedom Event Hall hosted the first meeting with the man who turned “the world upside down”, Dmitry Komarov. By the way, a travel meeting was held in the format of live communication, so all those present could ask them long questions.

The most popular question that is constantly asked Dima, as it turned out, about the food, especially the cooking.

“People ask how I’m not scared there are spiders and snakes, drink blood. Why I eat worms? Because you like it: you like to watch me eat spiders, insects of all sorts. This is a top-rated stories. Plus, it’s a moment of trust. When I refuse to eat what I offer works effect of distrust. But when we sit at the same table – people reveal their secrets,” – said Dmitry - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

That broadcaster have not been able to eat a paste of rotten fish in Cambodia.

“Does the fish laid out in the sun on the tropical heat, is a couple of days and when she was already well stink, it is sprinkled with spices, salt, pepper is smeared on a sandwich and eat. We were one of the tribes, and the grandmother of 80 years gave us this pate is the only thing I have not mastered”, – says Dmitry Komarov.

In addition, the broadcaster said that wants to conquer Everest and intends to make it to 40 years:

“This is one of my goals in life, and I know that it’s necessarily ever going to happen. I want to stand on top of Everest! For that, you need to carry out special training, to go to Elbrus, to go to the Alps – then you have a chance to get to Everest and go from there.”

Dmitry Komarov also surprised fans with his confession: during an extreme expedition, the presenter wondered to take a year off, or even to complete your project.

“When I read your reviews on social media and see that it was a good editions of the program, you know that all is not in vain. So I decided that the next expedition will go,” – said Televisi

It is worth noting that on 11 March in Kiev Freedom Event Hall will be held an additional meeting with Dimitri Komarov. The presenter will tell the incredible story of the most savage countries on the planet and what’s left over.

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