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Dishes that were invented totally by accident. Photo

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. ФотоIt was a happy accident for us.

Cuisine of different Nations of the world are astonishingly varied. Of the most simple, it would seem, food you can prepare hundreds of different dishes, we need only to apply imagination and to experiment.

However, judging by the huge number of recipes on the Internet and the incredible variety of cookbooks that exist in nature, people with imagination have invented all the dishes one could think of.

Whether you reflected sometime over, how it was invented is your favorite dish? Maybe your imagination is the chef of any large food company, endlessly inventing new tastes from the old products instead of overexposed?

Actually, as practice shows, the very existence of many of the most popular dishes we are indebted solely to His Majesty the Case. We offer you ten popular and many of your favorite dishes that came to light quite by accident.

Fruit ice Lolly

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

In 1905, the year an American named Frank Epperson invented the so-called fruit ice on a stick. This sweet fruity treat that pleases both adults and children, have become almost as popular as ice cream.

Pleasantly cool in the summer heat portion, the other of this fruit treats. However, at the time of random open ice-Frank (which, by the way, was only 11 years old) was clearly not summer.

The boy loved to make for a sweet soda water with some simple home equipment. He had accidentally left a sweet mixture, cooked in the evening, in the yard.

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

The night was cold, the temperature dropped below zero. By morning, Frank found that the stick with which he stirred the mixture has frozen into it. The young inventor did not stop, and he licked beverage, frozen around a stick.

The boy began to call this treat “Apsil” (actually, by combining the first letters of his name with the word icicle (icicle)). The first buyers of ice were his neighbors and friends, appreciating the taste of the product.

Almost 20 years later Frank decided to patent his accidental invention. He filed a patent application under the name “Popsicle” (wanted his children). He manufacturer is not, however, sold the patent manufacturing company, through which the ice became known worldwide.

Cookies with chocolate pieces

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

In 1930, the year a certain Ruth Wakefield invented the cookie that has gained immense popularity not only in the homeland of Ruth, in the United States, but also far beyond this country. Known in the world like Chocolate Chip Cookies, this delicacy is, in fact, biscuits with chocolate pieces.

Maybe you will be surprised by the fact that cookies with chocolate chips was opened accidentally. However, the way it happened in reality. But we should start, perhaps, with the fact that Ruth, along with her husband owned a small courtyard with Seating for tourists called the Toll House Inn.

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

One afternoon Ruth was cooking chocolate chip cookies (from dough and cocoa) for the numerous guests in his court. Suddenly she discovered that the main ingredient (actually, baking cocoa) ended.

Instead of going to the store for a missing ingredient, Ruth just grind a regular chocolate into pieces, and then poured them into the beaten batter. The idea came to her spontaneously, she didn’t plan anything to invent.

Ruth just assumed that the chopped chocolate will melt and evenly distributed in the dough, as is the case with conventional powder cocoa. Instead, the woman suddenly got a cookie with chocolate chips. In the end, a completely new delicacy, loved by many generations.

Waffle cones for ice cream

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

Nothing looks so natural, like ice cream in a waffle cone. It seems that there no need to invent anything was the idea of the form simply has always existed. However, these cups were invented completely by accident. At least, under ice cream.

Author Rozhkov became Fornachou Arnold, random co-written with his friend the pastry chef. This story happened in the hot summer of 1904. Arnold Boyko was selling ice cream, filling dainty plastic cups. Unexpectedly ended Tara.

Near Fornachou traded confectionery. The man turned to the pastry, which is not found to offer the Arnold anything other than the available excess soft waffle plates.

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

Arnold, with a little practice, prilovchilis to fold the plate into a conical shape, allowing the ice cream to flow out of a makeshift Cup.

Suddenly buyers Arnold enjoyed the ice cream in these waffle cone here, and therefore the ice cream man put the sale of Goodies in them on stream. To date, ice cream cups in the shape of a cone is one of the most sold.


Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

The modern sandwich is not the product of “creativity” many producers of fast food. To go back should go back to the mid 1700s, when the 4th Earl of Sandwich John Montagu made an unexpected discovery.

He suddenly found that if lettuce, onions, tomatoes and spiced mustard on the meat comfortably placed between two slices of bread, you get easy and very good to taste a dish. Actually, we are talking about the prototype of the modern sandwich.

John Montague made the discovery, as they say, “not from an easy life.” There are several versions of how the British diplomat and First Lord of the Admiralty came to this unexpected discovery.

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

According to one of the stories of Montague, being extremely gambler, sometimes so addicted to the card game that for a long time did not allow himself to get up from the table long enough to eat.

He ordered meat and bread, and not to soil hands and, accordingly, cards, just pinched the meat between slices of bread. However, there is another version according to which Montagu invented the sandwich is not an accident.

As it was dedicated to the game for many hours, he was always interested in the possibility of easy and quick snack that shouldn’t even have to use plates or dishes. Modern sandwich that exists in many different versions, became one of the most popular types of sandwich.


Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

There are many stories that explain how people discovered tofu. Which ones are true and which are fiction – now it’s hard to say. However, the greatest interest from the point of view of originality is in the following story.

Tofu, as we know, is made from soy beans. This is neutral in taste product is very rich in protein, so it is willing to use for many recipes. To collapse (or setting) use of nigari (magnesium chloride) obtained in traditional Japanese cuisine by evaporation of sea water.

It is believed that in ancient times a Chinese cook accidentally dropped a piece of this most of nigari in a container with soy milk. This accident allegedly allowed the chef to discover the process of milk coagulation for nigari, which led to the emergence of a new dish.

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

The cook served this dish to their clients, many of whom it had very good choice. And then the Chinese continued to produce the prototype of the tofu, which helped him to increase the number of regular visitors.

In our days, tofu has become especially popular among vegetarians who consume this protein-rich product as a replacement for meat. Being neutral in taste, tofu takes on the taste of the dish, which is in contact in the cooking process.

Potato chips

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

It happened in 1853, and the restaurant Moon’s Lake House near Saratoga lake, Saratoga springs, new York. A George Crum, the chef of this restaurant, famous for the fact that sought in every way to please their customers, potowa their various Goodies.

One day in the restaurant looked one of the regulars, who ordered regular fries. The guest brought a dish, however he was dissatisfied with the thickness of the slices potatoes.

A visitor sent a dish of fried potatoes back to the kitchen, asking to have it altered, making the slices thinner. Of course, a regular visitor came through. His order was soon after converted, and then they brought him a new dish.

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

However, in this case, the thickness of the potatoes was not one that expected a visitor. Apparently, this continued several times, until George crumb patience. No, he drove the visitor away, and decided to cook this dish discerning guest.

Crum sliced the potatoes so thinly, as it could have been. Now he was sure that the thickness of the potatoes certainly should satisfy the taste of the guests. And then George it was fried, and salt – no other ingredients were not.

Kram has done everything possible to guess with a thick, salt and degree of doneness. The restaurant was delighted when I tasted the finished dish. So was born the world’s first potato chips, which were the result of the whims and caprices of a biased client.

Corn flakes

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

Corn flakes – is a constant attribute of a healthy Breakfast in many families. A huge number of manufacturers in the world produces this product in various variations and with a variety of ingredients.

Born is a culinary “invention” back in the XIX-th century. Invented by American physician, John Kellogg, co-written with his brother William Kellogg. Perhaps this is one of those stories that is difficult to talk about absolutely random nature of the opening of cornflakes.

Brothers Kelloge worked in sanatorium-resort institution in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA. Not only did they help their activities to the rehabilitation of patients, but they also advocated a healthy lifestyle, being besides vegetarians.

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

Once the brothers set out to find another method of preparation of wheat, which would be a healthy substitute for bread. The first thing that came to mind is to boil the wheat.

They cooked it long enough so when the brothers dumped the contents out of the pan, their eyes appeared a mountain of cereal. Kelloge just digested wheat, which, fortunately for all lovers of cereals, has prompted them to continue research.

The brothers decided to bake something that turned out, so they opened the real bread cereal. Those who have tried a new dish, found it not bad. But Kelloge decided for some reason to replace wheat with corn, which led to the emergence of the first corn flakes.

Granular ice cream

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

This treat, which is the granular ice cream, maybe not so popular in our country as, say, in the United States, where it was invented. However, it was called the dessert of the future!

The invention granulated ice cream we have to, “the entertainer” by the name of Jones Kurt – American microbiologist engaged in active study of the technology of cryogenic freezing. And it happened not so long ago, in 1988 year.

Kurt conducted a series of experiments on the freezing of various feed for large-hoofed farm animals. The aim of the experiments was to obtain the so-called fast feed, which would allow quicker feeding cattle.

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

In particular, the microbiologist was subjected to freeze some amount of feed, working on his temperature to minus 212 degrees Celsius. Obtained in the experiment, the granules can be freely used for feeding farm animals.

Inspired by the success Jones decided to experiment with other foods (including the ones that eat people). Very successful were the experiments with freezing ice cream, which led to the emergence of the prototype of granulated sweets.

Originally a microbiologist made sweet and melting in the mouth treats only for their loved ones. However, later, realizing that from this dish can make a profit, Kurt started trading from a small stall, later building its own factory.


Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

About Coca-Cola know a lot. Unlike its inventor, John Pemberton stita. For many will probably be the discovery that Pemberton had no relationship to cooking – he was a former military officer and a pharmacist and morphine addict.

The recipe for Coca-Cola was developed by John in 1886, the year. The reason that the army officer devoted himself to work on a similar recipe, it was his injury and dependence on heavy narcotic painkillers such as morphine.

Pemberton decided to create a drink based on Coca (Coca Bush). Initially, he combined this ingredient with a variety of wines. The composition of the final beverage called “Wine Mariani”, also entered the Damiana (shrub) and the Kola nut, plants of the family Malvaceae.

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

However, the need to change the formula arose when in some districts of Georgia, where he lived and worked for John Pemberton, was introduced “dry law”. Wine as the base of the drink had to be excluded, replacing with the aerated syrup of burnt sugar.

Today Coca-Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks around the world. Of course, the composition of the coke present day is much different from the prototype though, because it is not contained almost 9 milligrams of cocaine, as it was in the original version.

Kiev cake

Блюда, которые были придуманы абсолютно случайно. Фото

A kind of icing on the cake, made from the current list randomly open treats and food, will become the cake itself. More specifically, the cake, the recipe of which was developed at the candy factory imeni Karla Marksa, Kiev, Ukraine, in 1956-the year.

The basis for the creation of this recipe was the fault of technologists. Or rather, not so much the mistake, as usual sloppiness – the pastry chefs just forgot to define it in the fridge for the amount of egg protein that was to be used in the preparation of biscuit.

Made of protein cakes dry out. Employees of the plant decided to hide his mistake, and therefore filled the cakes with butter cream. On top of the cream were laid, vanilla powder and cream floral pattern.

As it turned out, this recipe was not only much taste, but became the basis for the formulation of the present “Kyiv cake”, which has for many years is the real visiting card of Kiev.

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