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Dashing 79-year-old woman clocked at a Porsche Boxster to 238 km/h

Лихая 79-летняя старушка разогналась на Porsche Boxster до 238 км/ч The judge decided to spare the old lady.

An elderly woman driver from Belgium has set a speed record for his age category. Movement with great speed, she told the court the desire to “a little bit to clear it”.

An elderly lady sent to court for that one night she’s on my Porsche Boxster GTS clocked to 238 km/h. In court she stated that she went on a night walk driving to clear my head because I just couldn’t sleep. In addition, the pilot noted that it was not aware that clocked up significant speed, and do not create any trouble on the road, but will be ready to accept any punishment.

According to the newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen, judge persuasion and explanation of the old woman did not heed. The result of her insomnia became a penalty of € 4,000 and disqualification from driving for a period of three months.

Strictly speaking, at fault grandmother still had reserves for the experiments. Porsche Boxster in version GTS has 330 HP, removed from oppozitnik volume of 3.4 L. the Engine is paired with either a six-speed mechanics, or 7-band robot PDK. “Hundred” Roadster gaining 4.7 seconds, and the maximum nameplate speed of the sports car is 279 km/h – so the Belgian Granny was still where to accelerate.

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