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Celebrities who once were homeless. Photo

Знаменитости, когда-то бывшие бездомными. ФотоThey were lucky.

Hard to believe that these beautiful, rich, talented people once found themselves without a roof over your head. Perhaps they choose a traditional profession, it would be easier in the beginning. But they took a chance and now drinking champagne.

What sacrifices are you ready to pursue your dreams? Could some time being homeless? Introducing you to Hollywood stars, who literally lay through thorns.

Знаменитости, когда-то бывшие бездомными. Фото

Jennifer Lopez, 48 years

Jennifer Lopez can be called the Queen of records: she became the first Latin American actress for the film got one million dollars; she is the first actress and singer who managed one week at the same time to lead the musical and movie ratings (in 2001), her albums and singles have repeatedly reached the top of the charts and became among the best selling of all time.

But the beginning of her journey was difficult. Girl from the Bronx, one of the poorest areas of new York always loved to dance and dreamed of becoming a star. My parents were against it and believed these dreams are unrealistic.

Mother Jennifer has insisted that she went to College to law school. Lopez studied there for one semester, dropped out and left home to become a star. Her life was nowhere, so she huddled on the couch in the dance Studio, where was her training. Perseverance and talent of the girl was noticed and she was invited in the show In living color. This was a starting step to her great success.

It is now one of the most successful singers of his generation, one of the highest paid Hollywood Actresses and talented businesswoman, who managed to convert his popularity into a successful fashion brand J. Lo. In addition, she is one of the richest women in the world of show business and one of the most influential Spanish-speaking people of the world.

Знаменитости, когда-то бывшие бездомными. Фото

Halle berry, 51

Since childhood she was a strong and unbending character. Peers teased her because of the color of the skin, but the girl was not paying attention and achieved success in spite of all. She was editor of the school newspaper, class President, and later became the “First Vice-miss USA 1986”.

When Holly took the first steps in career earnings she was not, and the savings quickly melted. The girl was without a roof over your head. Without waiting for help from the mother, the young actress had to spend the night in Chicago homeless shelters. Later, she recalled that during this period she learned to take care of yourself.

Yes, it was not in vain. Now Halle berry is one of the highest paid Actresses in Hollywood, receiving $ 10 million for the film. In July 2007 she headed the list of “the 40-year-old beauties” magazine In Touch. In the same year was awarded his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Знаменитости, когда-то бывшие бездомными. Фото

Daniel Craig is 49 years old

Craig — the highest paid 007 in the history of films about James bond. His total income from participation in this project amounted to $ 40 million. But early in his career, the money he never dreamed of.

In 16 years, Daniel entered the service in one of the London theatres, but salaries for life in an expensive city is not enough. Despite the fact that the young man worked as a waiter at some point he was left absolutely penniless. It is hard to imagine that this future favorite of millions of women, literally “bummed”, he was sleeping on the benches in the London parks.

Знаменитости, когда-то бывшие бездомными. Фото

Hilary swank, 43

In the record of Hilary two Oscars, a Golden globe and a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. But at the beginning of life is not spoiled million dollar baby.

After his parents ‘ divorce, Hilary’s mother moved to Los Angeles so she could pursue a career in cinema. The first time was no suggestion about the filming, they lived in the car. Later they moved to the empty house, offered for sale, there slept on inflatable mattresses.

Career was not easy. Before you get your first significant role, Hilary swank starred in the small episodes. She was noticed only after four years in the popular youth series “Beverly hills, 90210”. In this series swank only lasted half of the season: initially her character was planned to be two years, however, after 16 episodes, the role was deleted from the script.

Swank later recalled that he felt about this: if I’m not good enough for “Beverly hills”, I won’t do anything.

But after two years she received almost all awards as best actress of 1999, including the award “Oscar” for the main female role in the film “Boys don’t cry”.

Знаменитости, когда-то бывшие бездомными. Фото

Sylvester Stallone, 71

For anybody not a secret that Sylvester Stallone started his career in adult films. But before he could get his first role in this genre, he had to move out of a rented apartment and for three weeks sleeping at the bus station. He later recalled that he was so desperate that he started to think about the Bank robbery. Fortunately, it did not come, the sentence about the shooting arrived on time.

For his acting career, Stallone has starred in over 50 films, the most striking of which “rocky”, “Rambo”, “the Expendables.” According to the results of 2012, the total box office of movies with Stallone as an actor amounted to 3.7 billion dollars (adjusted for inflation).

In 2011, for achievements in promoting Boxing, he was inducted into the international Boxing hall of fame. In December 2016 the US President-elect Donald trump has offered Stallone a post of the Chairman of the National endowment for the Arts and Humanities. However, Stallone refused the offer of the post.

Знаменитости, когда-то бывшие бездомными. Фото

Jim Carrey, 55 years

Everybody loves Jim Carrey grew up in a very poor family. Parents provide four children: Jim, his brother and two sisters. When their father musician was fired, the financial situation in the family became quite disastrous. All family members, including children, had to work at the factory.

The family lived in a Volkswagen van a La hippies or in a tent in the yard of their relatives. During this difficult period, Jim began to joke, to entertain and maintain the tortured life of the mother. These experiments with humor in the end played a big role in his life.

As you can see, you never need to despair and give up. And may life brings you only pleasant surprises!

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