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Career Svetlana Loboda under threat

Карьера Светланы Лободы под угрозойUkrainian singer received a severe blow to the reputation.

Not long ago, Alexey Panin, presented on court of spectators the video for the song “Facts”. The video was accompanied by several scandals. First, it became known that the role of the protagonist of the clip will perform is a real porn star. After that Stas Kostyushkin (the song writer) said that he opposed the filming of the video donated them to the actor composition.

Anyway, Alex has released a clip that Kostyushkin first assessed positively. And then opened up a new scandal. Attentive audience found that the lyrics mentioned Svetlana Loboda. Fans of the star were outraged that their idol got dragged into this “dirt” and demanded to remove the clip from the world wide web. Haters, taking advantage of the situation struck her with criticism. “Contacted Panin… this is the level Loboda, what will they say!” — writing foes in a Network.

Kostyushkin made an official statement to the users of the Network a request to stop the persecution of Loboda. “This is my appeal to all who are trying to drag Svetlana Loboda to pornoklipy Alexei Panin, both in General and me. Again I remind everyone: a song I wrote, gave her, Alesha, and he then decided to make a video. Really no demand here, there is mention of clip Loboda. A mention! Where does it? — angry Stas. — Explain me please, those who write about porn… what do? Well, the truth! Let’s be serious.

We have done everything to get this clip removed. Tensed because of all he’s annoying. All of it angry. I guess I was funny, because I wrote a song. But I’m totally not funny. Now suffering more and Light.. I’m okay, with me already figured out. But Light got to do with anything? Calm down, brothers!”

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