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California has lost an abnormal number of whales

В Калифорнии погибло аномальное количество китов Whales die from collisions with boats and from hunger.

In California, nearly two months nine marine mammals were found dead in the Bay area of San Francisco. This series of deaths, which, according to experts, was caused mainly by the impacts of boats or malnutrition – the phenomenon unusual.

“It’s very unusual. A normal year is when we have one to three [dead] gray whales per season. It’s already three times more, and in just two months,” said Padraig Duignan, principal investigator-medical examiner’s marine mammal Center.

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It was found that four of the nine deaths of whales, which were counted and examined by the marine mammal Center, was caused by malnutrition, while as three others were caused by the blows of the whales on ships.

It is assumed that the collision with the ship killed and a fourth whale, and the ninth cause of death of the animal, detected 30 April and was not installed.

According to Duignan, biologists see an alarming trend of depletion of gray whales up and down the coast this year.

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It is known that in Washington state from April on public beaches washed 13 dead gray whales. It is assumed that the famine also played a role in these deaths.

“The hypothesis is that last summer these whales were in Alaska, and they either had to travel or there was not enough production to get enough fat for migration,” – said the expert.

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