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British media found on the NASA website the date of the Apocalypse

 Британские СМИ нашли на сайте NASA дату АпокалипсисаWhat is the date?

Humanity is very long: the Earth is approaching asteroid the killer, and scientists know this. British journalists found the exact date of the death of our planet in the NASA documents. Now sure, the space Agency deliberately hides from the earthlings the information about the disaster.

The end of the world scheduled for February 1, 2019. Asteroid doomsday will face the third planet from the Sun at exactly 11:47 am. The impact will be equal in power to the explosion of 30 million nuclear bombs.

This date videoblogger who monitor all alien threats, took not from the ceiling! And on the official website of NASA. However, information about the enormous threat to humanity – the Agency somehow removed. The message was available to users for only four days. NASA said scientists have overestimated the level of risk.

But not everyone in the scientific community share this opinion. Astrophysics in colors to paint, what kind of country will perish from an asteroid first.

After the message about the coming Apocalypse has mysteriously disappeared from the website of NASA, USA was a panic almost cosmic scale. On YouTube, one after another began to appear in commercials, warning about the coming end of the world. A Google – only and requests on how best to dispose of the last days before Armageddon.

Not for the first time, NASA is being accused of concealing the appalling truth about the unenviable future of humanity. A few years ago, the Agency allegedly tried to hide the fact that the Ground was racing a million and a half of killer asteroids.

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