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Brad pitt upset with excessive thinness

Брэд Питт расстроил чрезмерной худобойThe debate about whether brad pitt his new appearance, do not cease.

After her divorce from Angelina Jolie, the actor lost a lot of weight, and this continues to worry his fans.

Some believe that it began to look too emaciated and dried up, while others believe that this leanness he looks very handsome.

Recently pitt was spotted walking in Los Angeles, and the paparazzi once again provided proof that the actor continues to lose weight. Perhaps it is the result of training or preparing for a new role, but it is likely that strong stress has an impact on the appetite of brad, and now he is rapidly losing weight. 20 years ago, pitt was considered one of the most handsome men in Hollywood he’s been in the list of most desirable actors, and now it is hardly possible to learn on the street among the passers-by.

Feel the difference: left – photo of pitt 9-month-old, right – as brad looks right now.

Брэд Питт расстроил чрезмерной худобой

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