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Brad pitt struck fans appearance

Брэд Питт поразил фанатов внешним видомSkinny actor wearing old clothes and looks untidy.

Emaciated appearance of brad pitt is haunted by his dark side. The divorce process has affected 53-year-old actor, who now looks 10 years older than his age.

Apparently, greatly emaciated pitt has not yet managed to update your wardrobe — things hanging on it as on a hanger.

16 may Hollywood actor was spotted on the streets of new York. The paparazzi surrounded pitt in front of the Studio talk show, where he presented his new film “war Machine”. Usually dressed brad this time looked very strange.

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Baggy black suit he was obviously not in size, but unusually wide-leg pants for a long time to get to the ground if not “support” a narrow brown belt.

A day earlier, the actor was spotted in another costume-oversize, which Internet users have dubbed “the grandfather”. Brad was dressed in wrinkled trousers, dirty-brown hue, the shirt and carelessly buttoned jacket. Despite the rather shabby appearance, looked like brad pitt very happy. Maybe the rumors about their reunion with Angelina Jolie is not just a rumor?

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Брэд Питт поразил фанатов внешним видом
Брэд Питт поразил фанатов внешним видом
Брэд Питт поразил фанатов внешним видом

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