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BQ Jumbo – more than just a smartphone

Modern mobile communications can be divided into three type – phone, smartphone and phablet, aka the phablet. And if the first two are familiar to everyone, the third of many yet puzzling – not everyone knows this term. Meanwhile, today we have on test is a real phablet, BQ Jumbo.

So, what is the difference between BQ Jumbo from a standard smartphone? In fact, only the size of the screen – planetfone always have great displays and are, in fact, hybrids of tablets and the smartphones. The only question is, do you like this gadget to use, and whether a big display in the mode of everyday use. With BQ Jumbo once and for all will answer him.

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BQ Jumbo meets us with bright packaging in white and red colors, with black text with gold lettering. The box design is standard for 90% of BQ smartphones sold in Russia, so we already know what to expect from her.

Our expectations packing BQ Jumbo was fully justified, further delighting us with the density of the material of which it is made, and compact size. On the top there is a photo of the smartphone with the best camera angles with which we can evaluate its appearance, and if that is not enough, overturn the box and see at the bottom for more high-quality images.

Bottom also seeing a list of specs of the BQ Jumbo – incomplete, but sufficiently detailed and informative for users. There is also information about the configuration. In short, in the package no flaws, it can help to obtain comprehensive data on the smartphone, it is quite obvious.



Set of accessories contained within the box Jumbo BQ does not match its size – it could be even less, as the smartphone comes with only the Essentials, many places do not occupy. If you hope to find in it the bumper or at least a headphone, you can not hope here is simply no. But there is invisible at first glance, the accessory, the usefulness of which, however, does not hold.

We are now about the film on the screen – in the list it is not stated, and in the box it was not, but she is still there, it struck on the front panel at the factory, and, moreover, carried out very efficiently. It is believed that it is not only we are lucky – as good BQ glue film on all instances of a Jumbo. Indeed, under covers, no dust, no annoying bubble with air.

And yet, back to the content of the package. In addition to the smartphone, the installed protectors and non-removable note, the battery kit includes instruction manual, warranty card and data cable with charger. The latter is particularly interesting as it is made solidly, weighs quite a lot and gives out 2 amps.



If the list of specifications BQ Jumbo on the package you thought was incomplete, the additional information is in the complete instructions. In case of online shopping, you should proceed to “Yandex.Market”, because there is a detailed list of all the possibilities of this machine.

We have made a selection from all available sources, including the official BQ website, and as a result we got the following list.

screen: 6 inch, 1280x720p, IPS;

– processor: MediaTek MT6737, 4 cores;

– video card: built in, Mali-T720 MP2;

memory: RAM 2GB, ROM 16GB, microSD up to 128 GB;

– work in networks: GSM, 3G, 4G (LTE);

– OC: Android 6.0, the interface Material UI;
camera: front 8 MP + flash; the 16 MP + flash;

– Battery: lithium-polymer 4900 mAh;

interfaces: 2хЅІМ, microSD, microUSB 2.0, 3.5 mm;

– communication modules: Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, FM, GPS;

– features: support VoLTE;

– case color: black, blue;

– dimensions: 165х84х9 mm;
– weight: 219 grams.


From here you should pay attention to that smartphone large screen – 6 inches, so Yes, it is more usual cell phone, which we hinted in the title. In addition, the front camera has its own flash, and in addition to the usual LTE module has support for VoLTE technology to transmit the 4G data of mobile Internet, but also voice in very high quality. But the frequency of the processor manufacturer is not specified – it is, by the way, is 1.3 GHz for each of the four cores.



The exterior BQ Jumbo manufacturer has clearly worked long and hard, trying to turn a standard touchscreen candybar into something unique and memorable. In the end, I chose the path of Apple – minimalism in the square, but here, in contrast to the “Apple” technique, this approach looks fresh and even, one might say, original.

Our Jumbo BQ rendered in black case color for its front and rear panels, but not the side part – they are made of plastic with the color “metal”. I must say that the imitation metal here is good: you have been and tone, and tactile sensations from the touch. Looks very cool.

Overall, the device seems very reliable and solid, which contribute not only materials, but also the color, weight and dimensions, as well as the absence of unnecessary elements of the exterior. All that is of this smartphone is a matte back panel with a slightly rough plastic with a slightly bulging camera module at the top and the name of the manufacturer below. The rest is a black monolith, good looking as in the hand or on the table.

Black color Jumbo BQ, it is optimally combined with the bronze-brown tint of the part of the body. From the hands of the camera does not fall out because of the matte finish rear removable lids, and, note, almost does not remain traces from touching, even pasted on the screen the film, although it is just the same glossy.



Large dimensions and weight from the BQ Jumbo cut off from the audience of potential buyers of women and children for their palms the device bulky and heavy, but the harsh hand of the strong man he will be perfect. In General, the weight is felt only in the first couple of hours, then you get used to it and stop noticing.

Build quality we have no complaints arose, but we decided again not to pass by the rear panel: Yes, it is pleasant to the touch, opaque and not easily soiled, but it is made from the finest plastic, so remove it should be with great caution and only with a credit card, otherwise there is a risk to tear off all the mounting lugs or break the lid in half.

The elements of the case BQ Jumbo located in a traditional and familiar places – fingers immediately find the volume buttons and the inclusion on the right side of the case. The microphone is perfectly visible on the bottom and top are the entrances under earphones and a data cable. Front the smartphone has a screen, camera with flash, earpiece and sensors of light and proximity, but control buttons are not – they are drawn directly on the screen, and for this smartphone a big, fat minus. It cheaper just spoils positive impression about the device. However, we walk separately in the next paragraph.

Next, on the top on the back side is a convex module of main camera, so just buy the case – when the phone is on the table, it is based exactly on this module. There is also a double note, flash, logo BQ, and the mesh of the main dynamics of the lower buttons back. Of course, it is always closed by the palm or any horizontal surface on which vozlagaet camera. A miscalculation in ergonomics is obvious.

Under the hood are very impressive size battery and three separate slots – two SIM and one microSD. Everything is just perfect here: the cards sit securely but can be removed without dancing with a tambourine, and staples. Thumbs up.



Display BQ Jumbo you can put 7 points on a 10-point scale. The high appreciation he deserved a high quality of transmitted tones, ability to handle 5 simultaneous touches and a matrix IPS, which provides very wide viewing angles.

To the positive moments can be attributed directly to the size of the display – it’s perfect for web surfing, watching movies and reading emails and documents. In short, a great display is a huge plus of this smartphone, and all of fabletown together, and if you use your smartphone as a Navigator, you are guaranteed to experience the beauty of viewing maps on a really large panel without having to look at outdated 4-inch screen, like the old IPhones. Even with the more common 5-inch models, the difference is very significant, and in favor of BQ Jumbo.

Now the cons. The first is referred to on-screen buttons. In modern Internet slang, this is a real farm is on the frame under the screen a lot of space on your phone with this stylish button design would look great on her, but no, instead they take a considerable part of the visible area of the screen. Dislike and fail.

Next, the resolution – it is, in principle, acceptable because 6 inches HD looks good, and the objects do not occupy half of the screen. But it asks for Full HD, although it would increase the cost of the device.

Finally, the screen slightly, but still fade in the sun, although it remains quite readable. In General, the BQ Jumbo display left a positive impression. 6 inches is a great diagonal for those who use a mobile phone in full, and not only for messengers and social networks.



If the screen is very bright, the sound BQ Jumbo very loud, though of the speaker it is even louder than from the core. Interlocutor can hear clearly in the room even you can remove the sound by half. On the street, too problems with the sound during conversation is not.

The microphone sensitivity is average – it is enough indoors, but not in noisy places. But it is very well catches the wind, so that the microphone here for a “4” on a 5-point scale.

The main speaker is heard well in almost every circumstance, except that in the car there is a small chance still miss the call. Its unfortunate location we have looked at – much it would be better to place it on the bottom end.

Vibration motor as the microphone has an average level of impact. To rely on him, we would not have – through the thickness of the top of his garment, alas, not to feel.



BQ Jumbo runs on OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a standard interface, Material UI from Google. By default it set to 5 additional programs, one of which scores with a spam desktops is Apps Press. It and other third-party applications you cannot uninstall without rooting, you can only stop, but it completely helps to get rid of her and forget about her existence.

2 GB RAM user available 1.2 GB, and it very much. Under files of 16 GB of system left to 11.5 GB so the flash drive may not even be required.

In BQ Jumbo has additional software features, among which are very advanced gesture controls: they work with the front of the camera, and by touching the screen. There is also a mode to control with one hand, but it only works in the regular dialer buttons virtual keyboard shifted to the left or right to dial with your thumb.



Smartphone BQ Jumbo is not positioned as superprodvinutyh apparatus, as can be judged by its price – 9500 rubles, or about $160 at Yandex.Market at the time of writing the review, taking into account current exchange rates. Therefore, to regard it as the top gadget in which “Tanks” will go without brakes and throttle on, ultra settings is not necessary.

The device was created for serious people that use the smartphone as a complement to a desktop PC and notebook, but not for games. And it is here that BQ Jumbo reveals the maximum: all applications for email, Internet and other things run very quickly and from memory, they are unloaded only when their number gets to 10. Xiaomi, take an example.

In tests in the benchmarks with the following results: AnTuTu smartphone 29329 earned points, with emphasis on processor and memory, and in Quadrant Standard total number of points made 9575. Again, the CPU showed himself here with a very good side.

In the operating system of the brakes is also not seen applications are downloaded quickly, upgrades official arrive by air and are installed quickly without any user intervention. In short, thought out this plan well enough.


The camera

Camera in BQ Jumbo for your $160 is very good, especially frontalka. Of course, this is not the cameraphone flagship, but the camera shoots well in both light and dark. A little slow autofocus, but helps touch-focus, working from the touch.

This is with regard to the main camera. Frontalka Jumbo BQ is afraid of the dark and generously covers a selfie artifacts. But at dusk and at light pictures quality, especially when using the flash. The back also has a flash, though double, so it is also a very good flashlight so that men will appreciate.


Work offline

Heavy means reliable, says Boris-Shaver, is a character well-known film “snatch”. In BQ Jumbo is responsible for the weight, battery capacity, attention, 4900 mAh. Given the characteristics of the device it should last for a long time, and in General the way it is.

Standard operation, including instant messengers, social networking, some gaming, calls and streaming a Full HD video that phone, by the way, handles very quickly discharged the battery in about two days. The average cell phone was in the hands of 6-7 hours daily, so that the result is excellent.

In Navigator mode at maximum brightness (satellites, by the way, found per minute) smartphone lived on a single charge for almost 4 hours. Charge it at 0.5 amp car chargers useless and will kill it all day, so it is better to buy a normal 2-amp memory from the cigarette lighter. Full-time network charger, too, by the way, 2A, replenishes the supply of energy to an average of 4.5 hours.

Total, autonomy BQ Jumbo a very good, even despite the presence of such a large display.



Repeat the title of this article: BQ Jumbo more than a simple smartphone. He’s bigger than a standard cell phone, but it’s best for him, and he is clearly better and easier to use many other devices sold in the same price range.

On the side of the Jumbo BQ high performance, great autonomy, good camera, large screen and General appearance – the combination of these factors will immediately draw it to the attention of the male audience, regardless of the age of the potential buyer.

Yes, the modern 3D game with fancy graphics for him, but it is not his element: the smartphone BQ Jumbo choose connoisseurs of high-quality reliable equipment that must perform their duties and not to detract from the work of unnecessary features. BQ Jumbo to cope with it just fine.


Pros BQ Jumbo

– large screen;

– loud speaker;

– pure Android;

– capacious battery;

– strong design.


Cons BQ Jumbo

– on-screen control buttons;

– sparse equipment.

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