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Boris korchevnikov goes on an Orthodox channel

For a long time there were rumors that Boris korchevnikov will no longer keep the show “live”. Now this information was confirmed. reports that Boris writes the latest editions of the program, and then goes on an Orthodox channel.

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Yesterday was the Conception of the virgin is a large and very family Holiday. Was driving down the street, stopped at the convent of the conception. Years, about 15 years ago on the site of this Church stood the school — ugly model. I went somehow in her English courses. Did not know that it stands on the site of an ancient temple, one of oldest monasteries of Moscow. Since I’m here for the first time. The school moved away, giving the earth back of the Church. The new Temple is incredibly beautiful, it is shrines and saints. Around the other temples and deep affectionate silence, which lives only in the monasteries. Here it is more striking that dive into it and the rock mass loud rapid city. In happy time we live in. We have these temples, prayer, confession, Communion, silence, joy — genuine, not the usual gaiety, and true free the joy that only God offers. Happy we. Our parents, grandfathers almost didn’t have it. In the place of the monasteries have stood a ugly buildings, workshops, toilets, dump… And we again have something without which life is not life. And the illusion. Without which you can lose everything. And it was lost. Appreciate it? Will be able to save? For how long this Silence? The latter in fact already… - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Publication of Boris korchevnikov (@b.korchevnikov) Dec 22 2016 at 3:22 PST

Korchevnikov will be the head of the channel “Spas”. As reported by Boris Kostenko, General Director and producer of the channel, these changes are planned for the near future: “korchevnikov will be the head of the channel, and I will be his Deputy. We have a formal organization and producing, it is unclear where what position he will officially take, but in fact it will be the first person on TV, and I second.”

Leading “Live” Dmitry Shepelev. For the first time this information was leaked to the press in February, but then the audience was strongly against such a change. Apparently, for this reason Boris korchevnikov and decided to stay on the show. It is reported that Boris decided to change the scope of activities in connection with personal circumstances and health problems. Recall that in 2015, he told about the struggle with a brain tumor.

Publication of Boris korchevnikov (@b.korchevnikov) APR 20 2017 at 2:54 PDT

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