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Blogger Lena Miro called the party of “Eurovision” “manipulation of the First channel”

March 12, the First channel called the name of the artist, which this year will represent our country at the contest “Eurovision”. So, in Kiev will go not Alexander Panayotov as many previously thought, but the 27-year-old Yulia Samoylova, from his childhood confined to a wheelchair. The singer will perform the song Flame Is Burning. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Julia was born a healthy child, but from-for errors of doctors became the invalid of the first group. Despite the incident, Julia found the strength to move on, follow your dream and inspire millions of people.

In 2013, the girl took part in the project Alla Pugacheva “factor a”, and in 2014 spoke at the opening of the Winter Paralympic games in Sochi.

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The candidacy of Yulia as a participant of “Eurovision” from Russia has caused a heated debate on the Network. Some believe that the girl will succeed in the competition, while others believe that it was not worth to send to Kiev a singer with disabilities.

Spoke on this occasion and scandalous LiveJournal blogger Lena Miro. She believes that after the scandal with a dancer without legs, who was criticized on the show “Minute of fame”, the leadership of the First channel understand how people are sensitive to the disabled, and decided to play on it.

Lena did not come to judge the singing talent of Julia, but the blogger said that Samoilov “charming and cool girl”, only to Eurovision she should not go.

According to Lena, Russia has long been a need to ignore the competition, especially this year because of strained relations with Kiev. The blogger is confident that the First channel is purposely sends to Ukraine a girl in a wheelchair, to Russia is not booed. Miro said that any other artist from our country in Kiev would have pelted him with rotten eggs. However, blogger does not exclude that Yulia could happen something like that.

If the network wants to celebrate the talent of Yulia, Lena advises often show her appearances in the air instead of Alla Pugacheva, for example.

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