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“Black tourism”: travelling for the brave. Photo

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. ФотоThis kind of travel is gaining popularity.

In recent years, an increasing interest of the travelers is the so-called black tourism. Was full of the usual attractions, people tend to get into places with a bad reputation. In the sphere of interest of tourists get battlefields, concentration camps and other places where there is disaster, which claimed thousands of lives. The first black Apostle of the tourist was the Briton Janni Utah, has devoted decades to the travel to the darkest corners of the world.

Here are 10 great destinations from a list of Yanni Utah, who considers it his duty to visit every black tourist.

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. Фото

Okpo Land

Popular Park Okpo Land, located on the southern tip of South Korea, was closed after two fatal accidents on roller coaster. Now it is a place of pilgrimage for black tourists from many countries of the world.

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. Фото


The village Ghost was the site of fierce fighting between the soldiers of General Franco and the Spanish Republican army. The new settlement was built a few years later, right next to the ruins of Belchite, which was left standing as a monument to the bloody conflict.

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. Фото


The volcano with the unpronounceable name you can visit during day trips from Reykjavik. The tour includes walk right to the crater.

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. Фото


The government of Japan plans to turn the crash site into a new tourist monument. Not the best in terms of a morality decision, which, however, will be able to raise additional funds to clean the surroundings from radiation contamination.

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. Фото


In June 1944, after the invasion of Normandy, Oradour-sur-Glane was blocked by a battalion of the German army: according to rumors, in this village were held captive by one of the senior leaders of the SS. Hundreds of residents were killed, the survivors fled and never came back. Charles de Gaulle declared that Oradour-sur-Glane will never be restored and will remain a permanent memorial to the atrocities that occurred during the German occupation.

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. Фото


Hiroshima peace memorial Park dedicated to the memory of tens of thousands of dead people. Here is a dedicated visitor center, A-Bomb Dome, located directly at the epicenter of an exploding bomb. People from all over the world come here to pay tribute to the victims and to send a few paper cranes swimming in a specially built reservoir.

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. Фото

New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina, which struck the city in 2005, gave birth unexpectedly in a new direction of tourism. Special tours are designed for people who are interested in such tragedy. For a very modest fee, anyone could be within the quarter, Lower Ninth Ward, the most affected by the hurricane.

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. Фото

Costa Concordia

The tragic crash of the Costa Concordia off the coast of Tuscany once again showed how shallow in comparison with the water element. The most famous ship disaster since the Titanic has captured the imagination of thousands of people. Tourists flock to Tuscany just to get exclusive pictures. Local residents in the pursuit of profit offered visitors take a boat ride to the wreck — for a special price.

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. Фото


In the Auschwitz concentration camp turned into a horrible Holocaust Museum. Thousands of visitors flock here from all over the world to see evidence of the tragedy. The room filled with personal belongings of dead people, but of particular interest to visitors is the house of the camp commandant, who lived only a few dozen meters from the gas chambers.

«Черный туризм»: путешествия для самых отважных. Фото


To this country come not only for recreation. Here are several museums of genocide that are of interest to many black tourists. Choeung Ek, located just ten kilometers from the capital, Phnom Penh, offers everyone to enjoy the horrifying sight of mass graves made during the reign of Pol Pot.

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