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Best places to travel in 2018, according to the version of National Geographic

Лучшие места для путешествий в 2018 году по версии National GeographicExperts advise to visit Tbilisi.

The editors of one of the most popular magazines about nature and travelling traditionally at the end of the year is the rating of the directions, which recommended its readers next year.

This time the authors of the National Geographic highlighted the Georgian capital Tbilisi. And although this city is not the lead, and takes only the third place in the “Places you must visit in 2018”, the editors highly recommend to visit it.

National Geographic talks about the unique charm of the Georgian metropolis, noting its unique architecture.

“Tbilisi architecture was influenced by Persian, Arabic, Byzantine, Ottoman, Russian and Soviet occupation,” write the authors of the publication.

They also said that the city of Tbilisi landscapes change very quickly and transformed, why this place only gets more interesting for travelers. Emphasize and Georgian hospitality, which the country is famous throughout the world.

In General, this year in the “Places you must visit in 2018” is represented by 21 countries. Topping the list is the city of Harar in the East of Ethiopia, and second place went to the province of Jujuy in the northwestern part of Argentina.

The ten best places to travel next year, according to the version of National Geographic also includes Sydney, Australia, Mexican Oaxaca, the Austrian Vienna, the island of Oahu of the Hawaiian archipelago, Sweden Malmo, Irish Dublin and Jordan.

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