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Best designs small kitchen. Photo

Лучшие варианты дизайна небольшой кухни. Фото5 ideas for kitchen design area of 7 sq. m

Unfortunately, in most of prefabricated houses and, especially, Khrushchev a very small kitchen. During the renovation this room cause the landlord a lot of questions, because it’s quite difficult to think through the design so that the kitchen was very functional and stylish. But, if you approach this job with enthusiasm, in a small room you can find a lot of advantages. We have selected for you 5 choices on how to equip the kitchen with an area of 7 square meters.

A small kitchen always causes a lot of grief from the owners of the house. The selection of styles, colors, and designs for limited. But the correct design of the kitchen 7 sq m in the panel house can transform the space without losing the functional purpose. You can always find the advantages in a small room, even if at first glance they are not or to turn negatives into obvious advantages.

Kitchen-living room

Лучшие варианты дизайна небольшой кухни. Фото

Kitchen combined with living room is one of the best options for those who have small apartments. In this case, the room should have a large area – just 7 square meters. When choosing a headset it is best to give preference to light shade, ideally white. This color is visually expands the space, creating the illusion of a huge square. But, there are also disadvantages: not every woman can take such a step, because in this case, the kitchen should always be clean as a whistle.

Kitchen combined with a balcony

Лучшие варианты дизайна небольшой кухни. Фото

If your kitchen has a balcony, it is perfect! By removing a wall and joining two rooms together, you can add a few more meters. In this case, the kitchen can be placed along the walls. It is very important that there is a place for all the necessary appliances, including, by the way, and washing machine. But on the balcony you can arrange full dining area. If you choose this type of plan, remember that the furniture should be light shades, but the area of the balcony is in need of additional insulation.

Kitchen with Breakfast bar

Лучшие варианты дизайна небольшой кухни. Фото

For a young couple, ideal kitchen, where a bar will serve as the dining table. For this plan it is best to choose a corner kitchen, and the rack can be positioned as near the window and at the entrance. This design makes the space light and airy, which, in turn, visually expands the space.

Straight or l-shaped kitchen in a minimalist style

Лучшие варианты дизайна небольшой кухни. Фото

There are such plan in which the length of the room is only three meters. For a kitchen it is best to choose the right typefaces in the style of minimalism. It is also possible angular arrangement of furniture, if the door is closely adjacent to one wall of the kitchen. With this arrangement of furniture a refrigerator and a sink with cupboard need to be installed along the walls, and the set, a work Desk and a plate put in along the adjoining walls and Windows.

Kitchen with U-shaped layout

Лучшие варианты дизайна небольшой кухни. Фото

This layout involves the location of fridge and sink along one wall, and the plate – at the opposite. The kitchen also will be a place for a refrigerator and a small table. In order to accommodate all the necessary equipment, it is better to use the built-in oven, and under the work table at the window you can place the dishwasher.

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