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Beauty digest: from the revolutionary advertising shaving machines to beauty line, Paris Hilton

Inventive lady Facebook came up with an unexpected (and inexpensive) way to treat sun burns, Paris Hilton has launched a cosmetic line of skin care, the first is where women shave their hairy legs and armpits (and rough vegetation — not computer graphics). What else they talked about in the world of beauty this week — check out our new section.

An unexpected way to apply deodorant

For most of us, the day begins about the same: we Wake up, go to shower, brush our teeth, and then, before dressing, use a deodorant. However, recent studies scholars argue that something in your morning beauty routine we still do wrong.

Experts say that, despite popular belief, deodorants and antiperspirants must be applied not in the morning and evening before bedtime. At this time, sweat glands are less active, antiperspirant easily gets into the ducts and remains there. Moreover, the tool needs time to be absorbed. And “run” it will start in the morning when we get up and actively moving.

Cosmetic line of skin care products from Paris Hilton

Recently Paris Hilton has released her own clothes collection together with fashionable brand inexpensive clothing Bohoo, now the socialite has decided to go a step further and created their own beauty line. The Toolkit includes ProDNA cream for face and neck, cleansing gel, revitalizing mask and eye cream with lifting and firming the skin effect. The main component enzymes of plant origin. All means presented in a stylish black matte bottles (not pink with rhinestones, as you might think). Prices on the creams range from 29 to 115 dollars.

By Kilian to launch affordable line of fragrances

Brand niche perfumery By Kilian coming out with more budget fragrance collection My Kind of Love created specifically for Millennials. Just the lineup will include four perfume compositions with intriguing titles:

— Kissing Burns 6.4 Calories a Minute. Wanna Workout? (“Kisses burn 6.4 calories per minute. Want some exercise?”), I Don’t Need a Prince By My Side to Be a Princess (“I don’t want the next Prince to be a Princess”),

— Bad Boys Are No Good But Good Boys Are No Fun (“Bad boys are no good and good boys are no fun”) and

— Let’s Settle This Argument Like Adults, In the Bedroom Naked (“let’s settle this like adults — naked in the bedroom”).

If now the scent costs around $ 300, the price of the new bottles will start from $ 30. Wait for the new products in store soon — in the sale of the collection will be held next month.

Chanel the world’s first printed brush mascara on a 3D printer

Another interesting novelty will be on sale very soon — brand Chanel has introduced a new mascara Le Volume de Chanel Revolution with the world’s first brush printed on a 3D printer. French house has patented the prototype of the brushes back in 2007, but to implement the project succeeded only in 2018. Technicians and makeup artists have tested more than 100 types of brushes until I find the perfect shape. Experts promise that thanks calibrated to millimeters design, the ink is smoothly distributed over the eyelashes, giving them maximum volume and no clumps.

An unexpected way to treat a sunburn from inventive of the wearer’s Facebook

Soothing cream, sour cream, aloe Vera juice, potato wedges in the end — as soon as we are not struggling with sunburn! But the American Cindy Allen-Stuart came up with another original way. She uses shaving foam menthol (usually Gillette). Dubious method, you might say. Do not jump to conclusions, but first let’s look at the results of such “therapy foam”. Cindy recommends that you apply the gel on the burn in a thick layer for a few minutes, you will feel that it will start to pick up heat. “If the skin itches, that’s fine too — so is healing,” says the girl.

Allen-Stuart argues that even after a single application of foam with menthol sunburn bothers much less. But if the redness is not reduced, a foam mask, you can repeat the next day. It is strange that the girl didn’t get nominated for a Nobel prize.

The first ever advertising shaving machines in which showed hair on the female body

For more than 100 years, women’s razor brands haven’t shown women’s body hair… until now. Introducing Project Body Hair. A celebration of body hair, wherever it is or isnt. See more: https://t.co/UdKKQApFoF. pic.twitter.com/Aj4CNTtdHQ

— Billie (@billiebody) 26 Jun 2018

Have you ever thought about the fact that women’s razors (or means for depilation) never showed really hairy legs or armpits? For years, the vegetation was considered something ugly and even obscene. Manufacturer of razors Billie decided to make a revolutionary promotional video. For him, invited models with different skin types, shapes, and… hair.

Shaving is a choice. It’s your hair and nobody should impose you what to do with them. We hope that our advertising campaign will help to make the hair on the body the norm and eliminate the one-sided image of women,

said company co-founder Georgina Guli.

Support: we are for diversity in society should not dominate any single standard of beauty.

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