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At Khmelnitsky NPP has failed with the launch of the power unit

На Хмельницкой АЭС произошел сбой с запуском энергоблокаWorked security system.

At Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant 20 Oct due to human error triggered the security system.

When you run the second unit due to human error was a reduction in the pressure in the fourth steam generator, so starting power unit is delayed.

We’ve seen the launch of mechanisms of the first security system.

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After resetting, the first and second loops during the inspection of equipment observations not identified, works in accordance with the schedule of commissioning of power unit No. 2 extended.

According to the preliminary assessment of the level of violations on the international INES scale, the event is classified zero level “below scale”. The radiation situation at the NPP territory and behind its limits has not changed and is normal.

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According to the company, at unit 2 of Khmelnitsky NPP lasts scheduled maintenance.

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