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APEX Legends

Choose your own character. Assemble a squad. Show everyone what legends are capable of.

The war on the Frontier is over. After decades of fighting between the IMC and the Militia created to counter it, peace may finally reign in the region of space known as the Frontier.

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However, freedom comes at a bitter price: the planets of the Frontier, devastated by the war, have not received the aid they were promised. Left destitute, their inhabitants were forced to flee their homes. The brave ones moved to the Outer Lands.

The Outer Lands are a remote cluster of planets on the edge of the Frontier. The war rumbled far from here, so resources and opportunities are plentiful here. But life here is worthless, and danger lurks around every corner. Pioneers, explorers and bandits have previously waged relentless power struggles, but now they settle their differences in the Apex Games, a blood sport in which legendary fighters from every corner of the Frontier compete for glory and riches.

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