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Ani Lorak showed the Princess-daughter

Ани Лорак показала принцессу-дочь The singer and her husband shared on Instagram latest photos of his daughter.

Ani Lorak has laid out in the social network a new photo with her daughter Sophia, on which they embrace. The singer has signed this photograph: “The sweetest embrace… Let all the kids will be warmed by love…” than touched his followers.

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Murat Nalchajian also shared a photo of a little girl, only now instagram audience could appreciate the outfit Sophia fully, as in the picture she is depicted with other kids at the Christmas tree with Santa Claus.

The Network has a bit of an argument regarding the question “who is like the daughter of lorac – mom or dad?” but as early users of Instagram are unable to agree, one think that the girl looks like her mother, and the other that is similar to the father.

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Ани Лорак показала принцессу-дочь

Ани Лорак показала принцессу-дочь

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