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Ani Lorak recalled a difficult childhood

Ани Лорак вспомнила о непростом детствеThe singer grew up in a boarding school.

Settled in Russia, the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak told the Russian edition about the difficult memories of childhood. The artist remembered my school years, temporary residence in the orphanage and how she got over the slow solution of complex mathematical problems.

“In childhood I was trying to put math. Remember those suffering. Sitting at a lesson of algebra and generally did not understand that I want what fractions, or roots…” – said Lorak.

The singer mentioned that in connection with the situation her little brother was temporarily sent to boarding school. With children “without further ADO”.

“The teachers are there with us not stand on ceremony, no one took into account that we have time to learn the program or not. And often raised the pointer – down on our backs. Not managed to solve the problem – get a slap,” – said Lorak.

In such circumstances, as noted by the singer, could not be and speeches about the education of children as individuals.

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