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Angelina Jolie was on the verge of bankruptcy

 Анджелина Джоли оказалась на грани банкротстваThe actress is not enough money for new projects.

The last couple of years Angelina Jolie isn’t starring in the movies. She prefers to manage the process, sitting in the Director’s chair. Serious work Jolie are not very popular with viewers, and critics are not delight. Due to ambitious plans for Angie to become a Director and shoot documentary projects suffer her purse.

In Hollywood rumor has it that mothers coming serious financial problems. Old savings left a bit, but the current fees are not so great for celebrities who are accustomed to luxury living.

Such information on the days of anonymous sources gave the portal Naughty Gossip. “Angelina fundamentally refusing to make commercially successful films, and it’s not the best way affects her Bank account. All her savings eaten by expenses on the maintenance of a family, the services of governesses and protection and maintenance of its property,” the insider shared with reporters.

Jolie has long been not included in the list of highest paid Actresses.

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