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An optical illusion is able to fool everyone. Photo

Check them out for yourself.

Since childhood we were told that we should not believe everything you see.

In this article we want to show you a collection of optical illusions that can overwhelm your brain and prove that all is not as it may seem at first glance.

Play with the human mind is simple, and the creators of these illusions know about it.

Correctly used shadows and colors, able to play with your head.

Ready to test?

1. It seems that the letters are drawn crooked. Actually, you confuse them their color.

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2. Here you can see the Chinese Palace. Try to move away a small distance and take a look at this picture again.

Hint: you will see a familiar face.

3. It seems that the skin tone painted character different, but in fact it is the same in both pictures.

4. This is the usual circle, but the pattern is confusing.

5. Because of the small squares, it seems that large squares of different sizes, and the entire picture sticks.

6. The first two hearts of the same color. Believe it or not, but they’re both gray, as well as a third heart.

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7. You see a spiral? But it’s not, it’s all the usual circles.

8. And this is not a spiral.

9. Both heart red.

10. Which way spinning hearts? In fact, they are stationary.

11. They are parallel.

12. Fish not moving. Do you all think.

13. And these acne is also standing still and not moving.

14. In this picture do not move neither the hearts nor the shadows.

15. Still seems that the picture moves? And she’s still immobile.

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