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Amber heard scandal on the set

Эмбер Херд устроила скандал на съемочной площадкеThe creators of the film “London fields” in court, I assure that amber heard broke of the shooting and guilty of the fact that the film was never released.

Blonde amber heard just can not live without scandal! Squabbles and litigation, apparently beneficial to her so she gets powerful and free feast. After all, few people can name the films in which she starred. Few people saw how she’s a good actress. But the whole world knows how this person is able to make trouble and throw mud at everything that she does not like.

Right now there are court hearings between the herd and the producers of the film “London fields”. We will remind, several months ago, the actress filed a lawsuit and has accused the makers of that without her permission was staged intimate scenes. And removed they refused – until leaving the project…

The producer of the film filed a countersuit against the actress and argued that she read the script and agreed to the scene described in it, and during the filming violated the agreement. The filmmakers demand that the blonde had paid a $ 10 million fine for disrupting the workflow.

“Amber heard should be ashamed,” said producer Christopher Hanley “London fields” on the court. Yeah, she is so ashamed that she continues to bend the line. The producer also noted that the refusal of the herd to act in explicit scenes associated with her then-husband johnny Depp. Supposedly the husband was against the participation of Hurd Nude scenes and exerted pressure on her.

The producer believes that amber plays the victim. They say, and husband hard on her and it turned out to be inhuman. But they foiled shooting.

Recall that the film “London fields” was never released. It is unclear other: amber is a terrible reputation, and if she will continue to behave, it is unlikely that there will be producers who will want to work with such a controversial and opinionated person.

Recall that now the blonde is in Australia where filming of the blockbuster “Aquaman”. Incidentally, it is the billionaire and her current lover Elon Musk.

About the relationship of a couple became known in late April. It was then in Australia, the pair stopped to hide their affair. They were photographed sitting together in a restaurant – the couple celebrated the birth of amber. While on the cheek of the men wore a bright trace of scarlet lipstick amber.

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