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Alexander Vasilyev told someone from the Russian figure skaters need to hire a stylist

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In his regular column for the magazine “7 days” Alexander Vasilyev decided to dismantle the images of Russian skaters outside the ice. The fashion critic believes that many athletes should take an example from Tatiana Navka. “Tatiana took today is a special position in society and is in the limelight. She’s young, beautiful, purposeful, energetic, loves fashion, loves to go out, she likes to be seen, to Shine. And it turns out it is,” said the critic.


Alexander impressed with the dress that the figure skater appeared at the ceremony “Golden eagle”, as well as the original tri-color coat athletes. “He looks great this cowl neck from the sweater. Good boots. Actually, I think this image is Tatiana Navka very successful,” — said Vasilyev.


According to the critic, 20-year-old Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova is still in search of his individual style. Alexander believes that the silver set-two fat athlete. Fashion historian I am sure this outfit would suit a lady over 60.

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Alexander advises Adelina to emphasize your figure, not hide behind the lush dresses and oversized jackets. “She’s scared like leather jackets-a Bolero combined with a dress with an asymmetrical hem. But dress like students from Cherepovets, and not the Queen of ice. Urgently hiring a stylist!” — said Vasilyev.


Ilya Averbukh, according to the criticism, dressed like a real American: “in General, not to wear sneakers on a treadmill, but in people — this is typical American style. Just as baseball cap, jeans and a coat. Ilya Averbukh dresses like a wholly new Yorker”.


Alexander believes that Alexei Yagudin and Tatiana Totmjanina is a lack of harmony in the images: “Alexey Coat the color of ripe cherries in the style of “magician Igor Kio, in his younger years was” absolutely not in harmony with the top of his wife. It’s like they drove to the event from different houses. Not agreed.”

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The same problem of the other married pair skaters Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. Athletes dressed as if going to different activities: “Tatiana is a very nice cocktail dresses and nice shoes. But her husband is very ordinary clothing. And jacket on top of the shirt looks. Lady dressed for a party, and her Beau — to the hardware store or fishing supplies”.


Vasiliev advised Trankov to give your style more attention: “it is a Pity that max went to the red carpet without a jacket. Just a shirt untucked is not good. If he put on a suit or at least tucked the shirt into the pants, he would look differently. It turns out, his wife and partner tried and he didn’t”.


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