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Alexander Vasilyev: “Kharlamov and Asmus are not combined, as the pasties and champagne”


Alexander Vasilyev admitted that he is not thrilled with the dress entertainers and the residents of Comedy Club. Fashion historian I am sure that many of them just need to hire stylists, but in some cases their wives.

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“I love the couple, Garik Kharlamov, and his lovely wife, actress Kristina Asmus is almost always to dress in different styles and they look like cups from different sets! Why Garik was wearing these jeans, especially such well-worn, not new? The impression that they are many years. But a woman in evening dress! Together they are not combined, as the pasties and champagne,” said Alexander in his regular column for the magazine “7 days”.


Sometimes fashion mistakes and Kristina herself. Vasilyev believes that the mink Cape the actress completely combined with the feathers on her dress. “Fur Cape came to a narrow monochromatic dress. And feathers a self-sufficient and should be the only bright part of the image,” said a critic.

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Sergey Svetlakov and his wife Antonina often go out in jeans that Alexander considers unacceptable. Fashion historian is convinced that the clothes for barbecue, not for the secular exit. However, the couple has some good images. “Sergei has become much more attractive. He changed the hairstyle, listened to my critique. Dresses from the fashion they wear velvet harmoniously. Sergei is an interesting jacket, stylish shirt, his wife a beautiful dress”, — said Vasilyev images spouses.


Garik Martirosyan and his wife Joan also came under criticism Alexander. The fashion historian did not like the knit dress and the shoes of the wife of showman. “Shoes because of the white laces heavier leg. Now popular oversized, and I understand that coat Zhanna fashion. But all together looks. Husband dressed classically and does not support her style. A status bag with this coat and knitted dress does not fit,” said the critic.

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REWE Alexander Vasiliev advised not to wear on the red carpet, sunglasses, and his wife Angelica to choose outfits with a more modest cut: “Revva with his wife look like stars from the disco era. She’s with her hairstyle reminds singer of the 1980s, Sandra, and he is Karel Gott. Two obvious disadvantages: sunglasses on the red carpet is not needed! It is a way over young Gianni Versace. And ladies too Frank cut”.


Mikhail Galustyan, according to Alexander, dressed awkwardly: “This vest does not fit him. But the love of vests — it’s typical of Armenians. Still I’m not sure that pink bag his wife Victoria is a good addition to it along”.


The only pair that pleases fashionable critique is Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva. Vasilyev believes that the couple complement each other and almost always dressed perfectly.


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