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Alena Vodonaeva has frankly told about the three failed pregnancies


Alain Vodonaeva became a member of the popular show “the invisible Man”. A psychologist, a palmist, magician, the fortuneteller, the shaman and the CSI had not only to guess what character came on the show, but also to reveal previously unknown secrets of the life of this man.

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Publication of Alena Vodonaeva (@alenavodonaeva) Feb 15 2017 at 7:37 PST

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The palmist was able to learn that Alena has some problems with reproductive function. These insights are confirmed by the teller. Then information did not deny and Alena herself, speaking frankly about the tragic events in his life: “For me, the personal drama with children. Son Bogdan was my fourth pregnancy.”

Today, on the channel TV 3 aired “the Invisible Man”, which many have been waiting for and asking about it in the comments ? Wait! Enable me 19/00 ? As a skeptic, I was waiting for a meeting with CSI and not with shamans. But it is rather a professional interest, and the echoes of my past life. CSI said that I have 9 arcs on the fingerprints and that is extremely rare ? What it meant, he also explained. Luck to all who are near me ? Modest Kaka today I ? But I also love those who are close to me. My family, my friends, I love you ❤ I usually never look at myself on TV. But this program look with pleasure ? #Interesting More than anything I will not tell. Don’t like to spoil the suspense ? see for Yourself ?❤

A post shared by Alena Vodonaeva (@alenavodonaeva) on Feb 17, 2017 at 4:12am PST

At the end of transmission Alena admitted that part brought her some benefit and forced to rethink their views: “it Is time to take a timeout and become such a fine girl to me, and me everything on a silver platter”.

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