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Airport “Borispol” will reduce fees and will open a new terminal

Аэропорт "Борисполь" снизит сборы и откроет новый терминалThe airport plans to expand passenger numbers and attract new airlines.

Judging by the statements of the main Kiev airport discounts for airlines and re-entry of the terminal F – of the one plan, aimed at further expansion of the route network and attract new airlines and, as a consequence, the increase in passenger traffic.

For this purpose the draft regulations on the application of discounts on airport charges airlines for scheduled flights. Benefits intended to introduce to airlines which carry out flights with a frequency of at least one flight per week on routes where they have not been flying for a year. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Under these conditions, carriers can expect to save 75% in the first year of program implementation, 50% in the second year, 25% the third year and 10% for fourth. Discount for take-off and landing charge and passenger service. The document will be submitted for consideration to the Ministry of Infrastructure. “The situation is valid until 2021 or until the moment when the passenger traffic of the airport will be 20 million passengers a year, depending on what will come earlier”, – the document says.

While such numbers are still very far away. Despite the fact that by the end of 2016, the airport “Borispol” has reached the maximum figures in the history of his work, he’s not even reached half of the designated number of passengers. According to the press service of the airport, last year he served 8.65 million people, 1.37 million more than in 2015.

Obviously, this passenger could “digest” one current terminal D. But the airport looks on. The plans include the reopening of terminal F, which worked for about three years, is conserved in 2013. The idea to transfer the service portion of passengers there (and at the same time create new jobs and to restore the operation of the entire it infrastructure) is quite logical.

Another thing is obvious: along with attracting new carriers need to create an attractive environment and to further increase transit ridership, making full use of the advantageous geographical position of the airport. Most importantly, below such far-reaching plans have not corrected the severe economic and geopolitical situation.

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