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A skirmish between soldiers dobrobatov in Kharkov: new details. Video

Перестрелка между бойцами добробатов в Харькове: новые подробности. ВидеоIn Kharkov, there was a conflict between “Donbass” and “East building”.

In the “East building” argue that there is no conflict because of the blockade of shipping coal between them and the veterans of the battalion “Donbass” was not.

– February 17, at 21.30 the participants of our corps received a call from local residents of the area of Alekseyevka. They said that people (about 11 people) in camouflage “roam” near high-rise buildings with weapons. As our staff oversee together with the police and have the right to go to the place of incident, they went to check what’s really going on, – said the press-Secretary of “Eastern” Maria Andreas.

According to her, is really on the street Pushkarev, where I received a call from locals, there were people in uniform, where you had the patch “Donbass”, and weapons. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

– On the question of what are they doing here, did not answer. Tried to escape in their cars. Our staff, of which there were six men blocked their way, then one of the “Donbass” shot party “Oriental corps” in the stomach. Former fighters “Donbass” took a shot at us at a distance of 15 centimeters. “The Eastern block” as an organization of “patrols” without weapons. According to media reports, there is no conflict because of the blockade was not, – says Maria Andreas.

“East building” claims that they fired a former member of the anti-terrorist operation, who served in the battalion “Donbass” Oleg Cherkashin.

– He was out injured 45-year-old Igor Pushkarev, in 2014 they served together in the ATO. Now Oleg to be in intensive care of the Kharkiv city hospital. Bullet (fired from pump-action weapons) hooked spleen, gall bladder… After ATO, he worked as a professional instructor courses women’s self defense – said Maria Andreas.

According to “East building,” after the incident, the veterans of the “Donbass” detskom disappeared into the garden, where they were detained by the police.

In the battalion “Donbass” refused to comment on the incident.

We either have no relationship, – said the press service of the battalion.

Deputy head of the investigative Department of the Kharkiv region Andrey Sharnin reported, information on the fact of causing numerous injuries to Kharkov born in 1972 brought in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations under article 15 (attempt to murder) of the criminal code.

During a pretrial investigation it is established that five persons had been active in bullying. They detained. Four of them – residents of Kharkiv, one from the city of Dnepr. According to preliminary data, the causes of the conflict have household soil. During investigative actions taken 4 pump action shotguns, one unit automatic weapons, two traumatic gun which is directed on examination.

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