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15 ways to look like you are sleeping eight hours a day

The skin around the eyes is able to tell all that you did last night: stayed up late to celebrate the victory of our national team, had fun at the party, stayed late at work or studying for the exam. Regardless of why you have not slept, in the morning I want to look rested and fresh. SPLETNIK collected 15 simple beauty hacks that will help you with this.

1. Strengthen blood vessels

As SOS-action beauty expert Laura Hillman advises first to be put under the cool eyes patches (in the midst of the heat that is especially nice), leave them for five minutes and then use a cream with caffeine — it will increase microcirculation and strengthens blood vessels.

2. Stimulate blood circulation

Put metal spoons in the fridge and leave overnight. In the morning apply them to the eye area, it will help to reduce swelling. Spoon can be used as a massager (the main thing — to move from the inner corner to the outer), this will speed up lymphatic drainage. By the way, to prevent edema can elevated position of your head, just put an extra pillow during sleep. In this simple way, you can easily get rid of morning puffiness.

3. Don’t forget about water balance

Alcohol contributes to fluid retention in the body and causes the dilation of blood vessels, the result is a reddish shade of skin and severe swelling. Stick to the rules: one drink — one glass of clean water.

4. Use moisturizing creams

It is better to give preference to creams with collagen (the component is able to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), hyaluronic acid and retinol.

5. Limit salt

The daily rate of salt — about 15 grams (as recommended by the world health organization, the daily salt intake for an adult should not exceed 5 g or one teaspoon), and this number includes chloride and sodium contained in meat and fish, bread and vegetables, cheese and cereals (and this is 10 grams!). Better add to your diet foods rich in B vitamins (e.g., spinach) and potassium (e.g., bananas, sweet potatoes and cantaloupe).

6. Try a remedy for hemorrhoids (we’re serious)

Not arguing, that sounds pretty strange, but many respected dermatologists, for example, Audrey Kunin, suggest to apply hemorrhoid ointment to the area around the eyes. The main ingredient of these funds — phenylephrine, it constricts blood vessels and helps to reduce the puffiness.

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7. Makeup focus on the lips

The fastest (but not the most obvious) solution is to divert the attention from the bags under his eyes and emphasize the lips.

8. Make compresses of cucumbers and potatoes

Of course, you will say that this is grandma’s tip and such people’s recipes do not work, but experts do not agree with you. Potatoes are rich in vitamins A, b and C, and also contains the enzyme catecholase, which has bleaching properties. Cucumber mask is generally a classic of the genre. These vegetables are full of antioxidants and flavonoids, have a positive influence on the skin. Cool cucumber promotes moisture evaporation from the skin. To apply slices on the eyelids enough for five minutes to seven, and to repeat the procedure a couple of times a week.

9. Try antihistamines

Robert Mirsky, an ophthalmologist from new Jersey, warns that if the dark circles under the eyes you appear mostly during Allergy season, then this is a reason to consult a doctor. You may be prescribed agents that block the action of histamine, this will save you from swelling.

10. Don’t neglect the concealer

If dark circles under the eyes exude treacherously through the Foundation, then come to the aid of a concealer with yellow or peach undertone. These colors are best neutralized by purple shades. However, keep in mind that the more concealer pigment, the stronger it emphasizes the wrinkles in this area. There is a solution — don’t forget before applying a good moisturize the skin or use a base. First apply concealer to the center of the inner corner of the eye (traditionally this is the darkest place around the eye area) and gradually blend the “sun”. Beauty bloggers from Instagram long mastered another way — they disguise the bruises under the eyes are not color correctors, and red lipstick. The point is that the red color neutralizes blue. You first need to apply on dark circles under eye primer, then red lipstick, shade, and finish with concealer a tone lighter to your skin, powder.

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11. Drink more water (and less caffeinated)

To increase the intake of water is always a good idea, especially if your skin looks dry and flaky. But the use of caffeinated drinks it is better to reduce to 300 ml a day (one Cup of coffee contains approximately 100 milliliters).

12. Blink more often

Of course, all blink involuntarily, but sometimes when we long to look and stare at a computer screen or phone, we, without noticing, blink much less frequently, and it is precisely this process ensures that the eyes moisture. Ophthalmologists advise you to hang yourself sticker with a reminder and try every 20 minutes for some time to close my eyes or look out the window, for example.

13. Remove eye makeup at night

Daily to remove eye make-up is the easiest way to prevent the appearance of irritations. If you have no strength to even walk to the bathroom and clean the skin as it should, then use the cleansing wipes. Moreover, to wash off a make need as gently as possible and gently (no sudden movements and high friction).

14. Make a special “freshening” make-up

Just a few make-up tricks to hide signs of fatigue. Along the lower eyelashes draw an arrow peach liner, white pencil and paint mascara on mucous membranes (it is visually open eyes, do look fresh), apply a shimmering shade of champagne shade on the inner corners of the eyes and also don’t forget about black mascara. And voila!

15. Wear sunglasses

Even if you are a little over twenty, you may already have been wrinkles around the eyes. The fact is that the skin in this area is thin and usually the first signs of aging appear here. However, if you are constantly squinting (like driving), then the wrinkles will be felt much sooner than you think. Large sunglasses is the best protection, and don’t forget to use SPF cream every day and not just on vacation in the Sunny country.

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