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120 breaths for $ 47: the cunning Swiss have figured out how to sell air

120 вдохов за 47 долларов: хитрые швейцарцы придумали, как продать воздухBusinessmen decided to capitalize on Alpine air.

The Swiss company Swiss Alpine Air began to sell abroad the mountain air of the Alps in the cylinders. So they want to provide clean air in the most polluted cities in the world.

“Each year tourists come to the Swiss Alps to enjoy invigorating views and to breathe the pure mountain air. It just exports of fresh air that we have. We are already exporting Swiss mountain spring water, chocolate and cheese. So why not export clean air? This is the best air in the world,” explained the creators of the production.

Everything offered to buy one, three or 12 bottles pure Alpine air, each of which pumped seven litres of air, approximately 120 breaths. The cylinders are equipped with special individual masks for breathing. The price of one unit of product is $ 47.

Entrepreneurs are currently looking for people willing to invest money to promote this idea. On the website for potential investors the main buyers can be residents of China, as one of the countries with the most polluted atmosphere.

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