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Fakes and myths about “Soviet abundance”

  about “Soviet abundance.” So, friends, today will be a post on one of the most popular topics in my blog — about the Soviet trade, but rather about the fakes of her that spread fans of the Soviet Union, trying to give them at face value. These photos-fakes are …

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Russia plans to launch fakes on the EA Zelensky, – Gritsenko

Adviser Zelensky called “KGB agent,” wrote Hrytsenko. Russia plans to launch fakes through the media about the Advisor of the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky Ivan Aparine, he allegedly “KGB/FSB”. About it on may 2 reported in Facebook the head of “Civic position” ex-presidential candidate Anatoly Gritsenko. “Cost Zelensky to …

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Ukrainians warned of the many fakes in the country

Not all detectors can spot a fake. In Ukraine there were fake dollars, high quality, who are not always able to recognize even special devices. The leadership of the national Bank sent banks a corresponding telegram, which describes the tricks resorted to by counterfeiters this time. It is that dealers, …

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Lie never learned: the list of awkward fakes, rossm

To compile the five most striking examples lie Russia Today. Editor propaganda channel RT Margarita Simonyan during a talk show on the Russian TV channel NTV made a statement that he intends to sue the President of France Emmanuel Makron because he accused RT and Sputnik Agency in the dissemination …

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Network laughing over a selection of Russian fakes about Ukraine

On the Internet “walks” thread with the disturbing reports of events that occur in Ukraine. The ardent attempts of the Kremlin propagandists “zazombirovat” Russian news about Ukraine (in particular, about the Donbass) ridiculed in the Network. The video Russian news services posted user Aunt rose on his Twitter page. “Giebelseite …

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WhatsApp will to fight fakes

The WhatsApp group admins can add and remove people from the conversation. However, in India, administrator rights will soon carry with it a greater responsibility. Resource the Economic Times said that the government will force the leaders of the WhatsApp groups responsible for inaccurate or false news in the dialogue, …

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