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On the Martian orbit, found the remains of the planet

На марсианской орбите нашли остатки планетыAround Mars can spin the remains of the “germ” of another planet in the Solar system.

Astrophysics of Albion using a telescope in Chile has seen in the orbit of Mars, the remnants of the dead planet.

This is reported on the official resource of the Armenian Observatory on Tuesday, April 4.

Scientists were able to obtain data on the composition of Trojan asteroids. They move in the same orbit, and the Red planet. These objects have captured Mars and they are located at front and rear. In General, they found nine pieces.

One of them saw 25 years ago called Eureka. They all have the same composition, implying the same origin. They consist mostly of olivine, a mineral that is inside of the dwarf planets. The data are confirmed after a more thorough examination. Maybe she died when only began to exist after he met with a massive target in the vastness of the Solar system that was created at that moment.

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