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SpaceX experienced a “Martian ship”

Starhopper finished tied jump. Company SpaceX performed the first “prywatny” the launch of the test sample Starship missiles, which received the name Starhopper. As expected, in the future test missile will make “jumping” to a height of 5 kilometers. As reports “League. News” trial version Starship called Starhopper, turned on …

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Scientists have suggested that could trigger Martian war

Scientists have found that will cause the war on Mars Scientists have suggested that the Martian war in the future will provoke the division of minerals. Assumptions that in the coming years on the Red planet landed the first colonists, the discussion is not only astronomers, but also politicians and …

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NASA revealed the unique Martian clouds

Unusual photos became publicly available only recently. The American space Agency NASA showed an animation of the movement of the clouds on Mars, images for which the Curiosity Rover made in July 2017. According to the Agency, it is the clearly visible clouds for all time the mission of the …

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NASA released the “Martian falls”

Space Agency NASA published the mysterious photo of Mars. One of the satellites was able to capture on my camera the seismic activity on the planet. Experts from NASA released photos of lava on Mars by comparing them to earthly Niagara falls. Recently the Mars reconnaissance satellite made a number …

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