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That took with him into orbit Soviet cosmonauts. Photo

The kit was developed in 1968. While NASA nearly 20 years developing space ice-cream in the USSR worked on this. This survival kit NAZ-7 (untouchable emergency reserve). It was developed in 1968 to ship Soyuz, the reliable workhorse of space flight which is still in use today. The set consisted …

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NASA will send into orbit the Sun, the spacecraft

NASA will send into orbit the Sun the Solar Probe apparatus of Parker. This will be the first in history a space ship that could get into the coronary region of the Sun. “Part of the demonstration funding NASA technologies were used APL and our partners to UTAS to study …

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India put into orbit its most powerful rocket

The new missile is able to bring up to 4 tons into geostationary orbit.The largest rocket the Indian production with the largest in the history of the country a satellite launched from the spaceport at Sriharikota island in the Bay of Bengal. In case of successful test the rocket used …

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On the Martian orbit, found the remains of the planet

Around Mars can spin the remains of the “germ” of another planet in the Solar system. Astrophysics of Albion using a telescope in Chile has seen in the orbit of Mars, the remnants of the dead planet. This is reported on the official resource of the Armenian Observatory on Tuesday, …

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