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What to eat on Christmas in different countries. Photo

Everyone loves to eat. Christmas is coming – Christmas day 25 December and the Christmas of Eastern Christians on 7 January. In different countries there are traditions of celebration, and treats on Christmas Eve – Christmas eve. We offer you to look at a traditional Christmas table in various parts …

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Creepy ghosts that appear at Christmas. Photo

Many believe in them. Any ghosts have your favorite watch when it returns to the world of the living. Some spirits chose Christmas eve to remind people about yourself. What are these ghosts and where they roam — read our material. Enchanted Christmas at Alcatraz The island of Alcatraz in …

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Shocking beauty: charm of body modification. Photo

Self-expression in people manifests itself in different ways: some people paint pictures or music, and others make unusual hairstyle, and others put your body different versions. In this collection you will see representatives of the latter category of people who show their personality, hiding his natural appearance over all sorts …

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Incredible powers of different animals. Photo

Nature has given them unusual abilities. One of the most amazing abilities of animals is the inventiveness with which they use natural “tools”. 1. The wrasse uses “anvil” We all know how annoying the search somewhere podvalsuhoy can opener when you need to open the jar. Even worse: a bottle …

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