Thursday , July 19 2018
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November river roach

Winter fishing for roach on the rivers, while they are still frozen, has its own characteristics. At this time, the white fish had already gathered in flocks and kept in special locations. The choice of gear largely depends on fishing conditions: the availability of a particular depth, the strength of …

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A plague on the moose’s head

Sad, but is almost a fait accompli. Over the past year, the hunting economy of the country has suffered a huge loss. We lost the whole view of hunting — wild boar. The consequences of this will manifest in the near future, but there is still more terrible threat. Replaced …

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Be careful!

Next came the time of freeze-up. It’s always a dangerous situation for experienced and novice anglers, eager to open the season with thin ice. The fact that the quality of the ice cover varies greatly depending on the type of habitat, from its size and from the average depth and …

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Piker on the eve of winter

November is quite normal in terms of fishing month. On a float in deep lakes and oxbows still active biting roach and bream, and large rivers and sometimes bream on the feeder polivaet. But I want to tell about the experience not the usual fishing for themselves called feeder jig. …

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The very first ice

The concept of “first ice” was invented by the fishermen in those days, when the autumn temperature gradually became below zero, and within a few days the ponds were covered by 5-10 cm of ice, which was conducted the fishing. This happened, for example, in the middle lane almost every …

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