Saturday , November 17 2018
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The national Bank of Ukraine asking to protect Russian banks

The national Bank of Ukraine made a statement, which encourages law enforcement agencies to ensure the smooth operation of Russian banks to avoid destabilization of the economic situation in the country. In particular, reference was made to the group “national body”, which prevents banks with Russian state capital, because of …

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Yushchenko said the collapse of Ukrainian banking system

  The ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko said the collapse of Ukrainian banking system and noted that the country is still very long will not be successful in banking. TV channel ZIK Yushchenko said that today 88 banks have withdrawn from the Ukrainian market. “If you don’t trust the Bank, …

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To by post Bank card… and be in debt!

To by post Bank card… and be in debt! Parse instructive stories from mail “KP”, along with an expert in banking law and consumer rights lawyer Hrant Ghazaryan Fig. Valentina DRUZHININA. BONDAGE WITHOUT A CONTRACT – Last fall I received in the mail a Bank card, – says a young …

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Late meeting with woodcock in the desert

At the fork in the trail winding into the village, was forced to stop. In the right Shoe seems to have flown the stone. Take off shoes, turn over… And I can’t shake the feeling that someone was watching my manipulations. Stretch out, look around and… here it is, my …

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The Amur tiger and its survival

Hard to believe that in 30-e years of the last century these beauties in the Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions was no more than forty. However, in time people came to their senses and saved the animal from extinction. This made the laws, created by the forces of the “Conflict tiger”, …

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