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Walnuts are two times more useful than other types of nuts

Грецкие орехи в два раза полезнее, чем другие виды ореховDoctors have called the most useful nuts for immunity.

Despite the huge number of studies on the beneficial properties of nuts, only now scientists have conducted a comparative analysis of the quantity and quality of antioxidants in different types of nuts.

In the study, researchers studied the composition of walnuts, Brazil, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and peanuts.

It turned out that the champion of antioxidants is walnut, and the antioxidants – much higher quality than other nuts. These items are great to protect the body from harmful chemicals that can lead to various diseases, and slow down the aging process.

Scientists say that people do not realize how useful walnuts and eating them is extremely small. And many refuse nuts for fear of fat: they believe that nuts contain a lot of fat and calories.

However, the researchers claim that nuts contain beneficial polyunsaturated fats, not monounsaturated, which lead to blockage of blood vessels. Also, nuts do not cause weight gain: because of the high nutritional value of nuts, the saturation occurs faster, without overeating.

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