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Named the best types of bread for those who follow weight

Bread is not the best product for weight loss. Nowadays, many people try to follow different diets. But often to achieve the maximum effect from the diet prevents one little thing, for example, a strong love for bread. Today, this problem can be easily solved.Just replace one kind of bread …

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Doctors told about the dangers of different types of Smoking

Better to just abandon this habit. About what threatens the body Smoking, can be read on any pack of cigarettes. Therefore, many smokers who do not wish to completely abandon bad habits, looking for alternative: electronic cigarette, vaping, hookah. But is it really safe these kinds of Smoking? Let us …

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Named the unique properties of different types of tea

Select the best option for themselves. Every day is getting colder, and we often warm up with tea. So this drink not tired, many are doing their “tea card” multi-colored: besides the classic black and green, buy yellow, white, red teas. They differ in color and taste, but have a …

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The most unusual types of bladed weapons. Photo

Why not just let people come up with. Such type of cold weapons, like brass knuckles, known to all. But mankind was invented and other non-firearm weapon in duels is very effective and can inflict serious damage. We have collected the top ten most effective bladed weapons, which is better …

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