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Physicians suggest someone good to eat walnuts

Walnuts good for diabetesIn their new study, scientists have found that type II diabetes is much easier to keep under control, if the daily diet to include the “right” fats, such as those contained in walnuts. The results of the study were published in the journal European Journal of Clinical …

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Doctors told about the benefits of walnuts for male health

The scientists explained why walnuts increases the chances of men for paternity. It turns out that this food contains substances that enhance sperm quality. Those men who have faced difficulties in conceiving a child, be sure to include in your diet walnuts. Researchers claim that this food improves the quality …

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Walnuts are two times more useful than other types of nuts

Doctors have called the most useful nuts for immunity. Despite the huge number of studies on the beneficial properties of nuts, only now scientists have conducted a comparative analysis of the quantity and quality of antioxidants in different types of nuts. In the study, researchers studied the composition of walnuts, …

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