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In Russia may ban Smoking in communal apartments

In the database of the state Duma introduced a bill which prohibits Smoking in kitchens and in the corridors of communal apartments. The authors of the document — the first Deputy Chairman of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev, head of the Committee on health Dmitry Morozov and a member …

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Smoking will have less. What Ukraine will live in 2020

    This week, the Ukrainian government submitted a draft budget for 2020. The idea is — it should become a Foundation of the “magic” of the Programme of action of the government. Logically — it had to reflect the key promises of the new government about the world, about …

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Called another danger of passive Smoking

Passive Smoking increases the risk of hypertension, is dangerous even a small dose of cigarette smoke. This is stated in the study, researchers from the Korean Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. The experiment involved more than 130 thousand non-smokers. However, some of them are sometimes exposed to tobacco smoke at home …

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No Smoking: doctors told how to clean lungs

In the smoker when quitting Smoking a long time contains tar and toxins that can cause various diseases. Lungs when Smoking more than other organs poisoned by tar and harmful substances. The body itself is not able to cope with the pollution of the respiratory system, so he must help …

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Doctors told about the dangers of different types of Smoking

Better to just abandon this habit. About what threatens the body Smoking, can be read on any pack of cigarettes. Therefore, many smokers who do not wish to completely abandon bad habits, looking for alternative: electronic cigarette, vaping, hookah. But is it really safe these kinds of Smoking? Let us …

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