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Strawberry or fallen trees, or Take hard-working

Клубника или валежник, або Бери работящую

– The father, and into better to collect the fallen trees or the strawberries?

– Fallen trees.


What if strawberry picking wages in euros, and over fallen trees – a fine in rubles?

– Fallen trees.

– And if to collect strawberries on the Mediterranean sea, and fallen trees on White?

– Fallen trees.

– Daddy, what if…

– I right now ..BU, bpd!… Lopapeysa! Bitch, I told my mom not to hire the wife a competent, hard-working take. All the Check went. That, too, in Poltava Schweik finished, picked up some things.

Hard – working in Ryazan at the bus station for butrick work, and our nurse – in Thailand. It even the Internet is. I have her page liked. We are here for lunch, the fried eggs were. And the neighbors cranberries. Was lucky to have Mazevyh was mushrooms. Here, the two funeral service will be at the railway club Kaganovich, according to the Orthodox rite.

(folder sighs and pours)

– A little more you, Vova. Do not understand. Remember one thing: we better gather dead wood. And this europeista… First you gather the strawberries, then the toilet begins to wash. And where can I get this toilet? So need to buy. And buy the toilet – wants to buy a bike. And then the motorcycle. And then the car. The toilet and where to put it? The apartment I’m going to buy. And furnish it. The furniture, Wallpaper, all sorts. Fork-spoon.

– Bike??? Me? Folder, honestly?…

– Yes! And then the ass pounding begins as soon as the bike will buy! So it with strawberries and starts. In General, look…

(folder strongly drinks)

– … Collect wood and don’t kizdi. Grandfathers not for war, you fucking talked to her. They are for our kecks their lives to shed. You and I can’t get on. My nerves. To treat them is the money that our mother in Thailand saliout to scuffs. Want to work, see, hands to it drawn – out two miles of wire tie to hang the copper two and a half. Folder old, will not climb…

– So at us then the current will not be!

(dad famously pours)

– Well. Well done, he reached his mind. And then what you will help in the winter?

Strawberry or deadwood?

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